Minecraft Live: The Nether Update Encore

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Move over, Swan Lake. The Nutcracker, your days are numbered. A third ballet should also be shaking in its slippers. There’s a new show in town courtesy of Element Animation and it features Nether mobs delivering the performance of a lifetime. Literally, if you stay in the Nether too long.


Frungus Mic says:

Why theres a sheep in the nether?

Combo says:

what happens in nether until you build a portal and enter it

شيخ توم الذي تلقاه في كل كون says:

واااااو ضحكني اتقو الله 😂🤣🤣😅😭😭

شيخ توم الذي تلقاه في كل كون says:


Wendell Chiang says:

0:08 Press pause and you'll see the piglins' legs glitching out of their bodies

starvarok says:

Пожалуйста скажите как называеться музыка из видео

Shafiq Youtube says:

The wither should have been in the video too

Comenteer says:

"Pig Abortion"

Aflahul Falihin says:

me after realizing that there is no Sheeps in the nether 1.16 update:

We've been tricked we've been backstabed, and we've been quite possibily bamboozled!

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

This is madness!

Its a trap!

Oh Billy, Im dissapointed of you.

The ultimate Gamer guy says:

Me: falls in lava and dies well recording a video
The nether mobs that were there:

Yeet says:

Can someone tell me the music that is playing.

Hafin Thariq Arifianto says:


Red says:

Everyone : Why are the hoglins on 2 feet and why is there a sheep

me : why is the strider still red even doe it not in lava

Angel Gabriel Garos Davila says:

Imagine showing this to someone in 2012

AronCraft :P says:

Thats so funny :D.

Logan Johnson says:

Where are the wither skellies

Joshua Orechio says:

Dream: Is being hunted
Every mob:
Disney Princess: sings
Every Animal

Róbert Krisztin says:

If someone don't know, the name of the music is Badinerie from Johan Sebastian Bach.

Мемный Парень says:

Oh how dancing hoglin xDDDDDD

тостик says:


Gejming 24/7 says:

How i feel in my head when my mom or dad give me money

Laurenz Ganzon says:

0:23 why dont I have a piglin broot ? 😭

Martalia MiCHAEL says:

FANF 2 Minecraft

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