Max Reload and The Nether Blasters – Official Trailer 2020

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Max Reload and The Nether Blasters

Synopsis: A small town video game store clerk must go from zero to hero after accidentally unleashing the forces of evil from a cursed Colecovision game…

Written & Directed by: Scott Conditt & Jeremy Tremp
Produced by: Scott Conditt, Jeremy Tremp, Jesse Lobell & Greg Grunberg

Cast: Tom Plumley, Greg Grunberg, Hassie Harrison, Joey Morgan, Martin Kove, Jesse Kove, Lin Shaye, Kevin Smith, Lukas Gage, Joseph Reitman

Original Score Composed by: Jesse Mitchell
Trailer Music Composed by: Vasil Yatsevich

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Distributed by MVD Entertainment Group


mistercohaagen says:

Starring J.J. Abrams's human easter egg; Greg Grunberg.

subgrv27 says:

Looks like something out of Stranger Things

Spike Cruise says:

Wow I love it

Dis My Jam says:

A love for 80's gaming in a movie with the vibe of a Kevin Smith flick AND HE'S IN IT… yeah, I'm down.

Roy Rogers says:

Can't wait to see this on the big screen with an audience! Very exciting

Christ-Centered Living says:

So excited to see this! Well done Jeremy and Scott!!

All Of My Love Tess says:

Oh I'm very here for this

Sagefist says:

Awesome! Just awesome!! Been waiting a long time for this. The blasters are on point!

R Jones says:

👍🏻Pure cheesy goodness.

NikkisorousRex says:

Yup I’m here for this. Keven Smith sold me. I love that man, and everything he touches.

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