Masahiro Sakurai Wholesome Smash Bros Moments Compilation

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This is a compilation of every funny/wholesome/cool moments of Masahiro Sakurai in his video presentations from Smash 4 to Smash Ultimate DLC.

Masahirp Sakurai Wholesome Moments Compilation
Masahirp Sakurai Wholesome Moments Compilation

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Malloumario ملوماريو says:

Since Sakurai is getting bullied for anything he do like recently, Steve creative moveset, why not share this video on twitter and tagging him with the hashtag #ThankYouSakurai ? If he sees this little movement, it will surely make his day during his home confinement

Dante Mikhail says:


Scam Pickle says:

I love his random pauses to do this 0:58

KingAhondo 12 says:

I am sick and tired of toxic smash fans harassing this man they better leave him alone Mr Sakurai is a good man

A.K zockt says:


リオ says:

3:00 Some people are booing

Fidgety Galaxy says:

This is the best thing. Just the best thing.

Bloom SosAssLeviLeopuncher says:

Everyone's loved and hated man

Anthony Kim says:


Dangermeter 1000 says:

That moment when he middle fingered us I became so proud

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