Let's Watch the Smash Bros. Fighter Reveal & Sakurai Presents! – (GameXplain Reacts)

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Who’s the new fighter going to be?! Let’s find out together as we watch livestream Sakurai Presents!
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Orange Manatees says:

As badly as I want Crash in Smash, I'm here to remind people that the reason Crash wasn't in Playstation All Stars Battle Royale was because Activision didn't let them. They may have asked for too much money or something else but they held him back.

Liggliluff says:

Suggestion: there's a way for you to get a list of all donations with the comments, so you don't have to dig through the comments. I've seen YouTubers use this since they periodically read comments, including the lowest value comment that doesn't stick, way after it has disappeared. So it must be possible.

Liggliluff says:

(18:45) The "games only" rule was broken during the development of Melee. Sakurai wanted to add James Bond.

Liggliluff says:

(15:40) Yes, we got:
Banjo & Kazooie (Rare Ltd.)
Steve / Alex (Mojang AB)
So why not add another Microsoft character:
Master Chief (Bungie Inc.)
One from each creator.

PlushFan 098 says:

"I'm not a big minecraft fan but its cool"
Me: same but its really legit

Gabo2825YT says:

People went mad? Wait until it comes out and watch them playing and enjoying it, ask them is they liked it, they’ll denifitely say no, same happened with byleth

Christian Mejia says:

literally noone cares about Geno, get it through yur heads

Thelmus Celetius says:

Man, each time sakurai shows me that anything is possible. Can't wait for kiryu from yakuza

TheOnePabb says:

10:04 死にます。 / It's a great challenge.

yes says:

Live chat is so motherfucking nasty you've been a kid too just stfu about the other shits let the nintendo or the memers make their idea and IT'S JUST A MOTHER FUCKING 1 FIGHTER 1 I SAY THERE ARE A SHIT TON AMOUNT OF FIGHTERS THAT YOU WILL PROBABLY LIKE AND YOU ARE MAD ABOUT 1 FIGHTER AND ALSO IF MCAFT STEVE IS IN, SMASH WILL PROBABLY GET MORE POPULARITY OR SOME ATTENTION TOO

Ziggy Mandarr says:

"What you're asking of me is impossible. Of course I'll do it." Fucking Sakurai.

GochEm 30 says:


Isaac Davidson says:

Sakurai cute

RyutheWeredragon says:

Chat: "Looks like he was strong armed into this one"

Um… no, that's not what he said at all. Are you people just intentionally misunderstanding what he's saying? He was making a joke.

Mr pugTM says:

Rip banjos Hype

BlessingBear9 2 account says:

pepole saying that this is gonna be all the xbox representation at this point Minecraft isn't from xbox its on everything

Sonic Edge - Official [ソニックエッジオフィシャル] says:

Mario should’ve said creeper aw man

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