LEE HI – 한숨 (BREATHE) _ Special Stage for SHINee Jonghyun in The 32nd Golden Disc Awards 20180111

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[1080p HD] 180111 LEE HI - BREATHE _ Special Stage for SHINee Jonghyun @ The 32nd Golden Disc Awards
'Leehi crying' 'Jonghyun' ' SHINee Jonghyun' '180111 LEE HI - Breathe (Emotional Singing)' '180111 Special Stage for SHINee Jonghyun' 'Lee Hi Tribute performance for SHINee Jonghyun' '샤이니 종현 추모공연 이하이 한숨' 'Lee Hi's Tribute to Jonghyun' 'LEE HI - 한숨 (BREATHE)' 'LEE HI - BREATHE (한숨)'


park jimini says:

oppaaaa😭why you leave me alone oppa why😭😭😭

olivia gabe says:


Toki Poki says:

Who comes here everyday just for the emotional music ? Every time I heard this I want to cry…we miss him…❤️

zatul 374 says:

8 days before his (jonghyun) birthday.. I miss his appearance 💔

Nana Istyana says:


Chelsea Gracia Kandy says:

정말 고생했어요

Rəfiqə Elxanqızı says:

You actually die when last person who remembers you dies. So he is still alive☺

Jacky says:

Why am I here I promised I wouldn’t ever watch anything related to jjong now I’m balling my eyes out

Lost Vein21 says:

Amazing tribute she made jonghyun proud ;-;

Trang Nguyễn says:

I’m feel so bad right now. I miss you Jonghyun ahhhh~~~~~

Kir aena says:

I'm sorry if i keep forgetting you now.. today so sudden i wanna watch this back .. and suddenly i miss you again but time will never come back to tell you that can you just rest from industry and not suicide.

Jewel Seterra says:

my tears goes down everytime i watch this and heard this song😢😢 miss u jonghyun ❤

ade firli says:

So sad.jonghyun you always in we heart❤.don't worry to happy.still love you everyday,every month and every year.don't cry everyone😭jonghyun always foreverr💜💜❤❤❤

•주연 says:

아직도 마음이 아프다

Eun Hye says:

2019? Still crying everytime this video appear.

Ps: if I'm feeling down or wanted to give up in this world. I watch this video and cry.

irma meliyana says:

Jjong miss you so much

Mitha Andriani says:

2019 still miss him :'(

F F says:

My favourite song and always make me cry again

JJ L says:

Jonghyun wanted to help so many people emotionally but he couldn’t help himself.
He was a rarity in this world. Not many men wear their hearts on their sleeve. I don’t know what to say. He’s gone. I agree with others with that he was too kind for this world.

Salsabilla Putri says:

I came back to this everytime especially when i have a bad situation. I think to commit suicide sometimes but everytime i came back to here, i noted to myself that, Jonghyun-ah wants me to KEEP ALIVE. Now im cryin

Pauline Ting says:

Jongyhyun I miss you so much….

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