[K-Poppin'] 드림캐쳐 (Dreamcatcher)'s Singin' Live 'PIRI (피리)'

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드림캐쳐 (Dreamcatcher) paid a visit to K-Poppin’!
Check out the live performances of their amazing song ‘PIRI (피리)’ only on this video.

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Ikthus W says:

Jiu is the best. Haha

Shitty Biased says:

2:44 again JiU?😂. And maknae line reaction lmao

Leaf Amin says:


11 11 says:

라이브 진짜 잘하네……

Boodle Demic says:

Lolololol the humming shifted Siyeon off key

Caeraa says:

The girl with the glasses looks like lilypichu xD (sorry I don’t know names)

프라이드 says:

투현이 들 다미 안경 쓰니까 잘 어울리는 데다 예쁘네요 어떻게 우아한 데다 귀여울 수가 있어요 훌륭하군요 아름다운 드둥이 사랑입니다 우아한 드캐는 썸냐 들을 매혹 시키지요 ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

kookie's girl says:

Dami is so hot wtf I love her

kookie's girl says:

Siyeon eat CDs

polar :v says:

Why does Dami looks so fckn cUtE!?

GoZas says:

Зайки 💖

yz x says:


Rose10 says:

THEY'RE AMAZING WTF why are they underrated

Ana Paula Santos says:

Beautiful wonderful I love you very talented! 😍🤩🇧🇷😍😘

Sheepy 16able says:

Dami looks so bored😂😂

giving you my heart and soul says:

Please don't eat CDs girls

Xunburst says:


Bass Player Taylor says:

Hahaha their faces when they heard the humming they were so confused and shocked.

Hi Bye says:

Now we know why Siyeon is the main vocalist

gogobebe. says:

Ji-U: Leader, Visual, vocalist y lead dancer
Su-A: Main Dancer Lead Vocal and rapper
Siyeon: Main Vocal And dancer
Handong: Vocalist and dancer
Yoohyeon: Lead Vocal and lead Dancer
Dami: Main Rapper, sub vocalist and dancer
Gahyeon: Visual, Vocalist, Lead Rapper and Maknae

Rari 77 says:

This sounds like a badass anime opening, I approve omg I like them😍

Hanis Ridza says:

It sounds so similar to the studio version I'm shook.

army insomnia moo moo midzy says:

Handong's and Siyeon's voices sound autotuned 😍

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