Joji & Jackson Wang – Walking (feat. Swae Lee & Major Lazer) [Color Coded Lyrics]

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Joji & Jackson Wang – Walking (feat. Swae Lee & Major Lazer) Lyrics
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Produced by: 1Mind
Written by: Montana Wayne Best, Diplo, Swae Lee, Joji, and Jackson Wang
Head in the Clouds II – 88rising
Video by June

Check out the official lyric video here:

Be sure to check out the rest of the album Head in the Clouds II!
Jackson is also featured in I Love You 3000 II and Tequila Sunrise!

Jackson’s solo album “Mirrors” to be released on October 25th
Preorder the album & merch here!
Check out Bullet to the Heart here:


jiaerx7 says:

Thanks for watching!
MV here!!

check out the official lyric videos below!

Major Lazer:

check out Bullet to the Heart here:

& preorder/add Jackson's upcoming solo album "Mirrors" & merch (to be released October 25th) below!!

Cloud Senpai says:

All the comment section is all about Jackson, meanwhile i'm here thinking they all sounded amazing like not only Jackson but appreciate the whole song and the voice of Joji and Swae lee

Jessie Mel says:

I came here for Jackson but I ended up loving Swae Lee and Joji too HAHAHAHA

akbar supri says:

Nice song by joji

Arkanov The new Project Zorgo member says:

no one talks about major laser not having any lyrics

PRO_8D_MUSIC says:

the best in one video it's a dream 🤩😍

btw 8d version is out 🎶

Noob Player says:

jackson is boyfriend material and joji is a meme that explains why everyone is getting over jackson this jackson that , but we all know who has the amazing voice its joji

Joni Gaming says:

Jackson's voice is good. Joji's style is cool too. I like it the most, Swae Lee, my favorite

Mr. Joestar says:

Jackson there, Jackson that.
But deep inside we know it's joji.
Honorable mention to swae lee tho

Crispynagguts says:

I like the part when major lazer sings

OVER_fallZ says:

Everyone here: talks about Jackson
Me: did u guys know Joji?????

Austin Li says:

Swae Lee did a good job, so talk about him too

Siti Nabilah Nuranisah says:

Dude swae lee looking so pretty here

Kyson Zex says:

Pinkguy in the nutshell

seoulitary lane says:

This is my first song to listen in 88rising and I'm inlove

AJ Colby says:


Gamer Kent says:

They be talking about Jackson

While me on the other hand here for my boi Francis of the filth

Mercy says:

Just my opinion : i think a johson only destroy this song

Zzawa - says:

You know u like a song when u look up the lyric video 😂😂

Jason wong says:

i've already thumb up for this song once i listen to it's front rhythm..emmm,i've been playing it on my list again and again. it is in middle night now in China but i still listen to this awsome you guys are!

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