Jessi (제시) – 'Drip Feat. 박재범 (Jay Park)' MV

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Jessi (제시) – ‘Drip Feat. 박재범 (Jay Park)’) MV

Executive Producer: P NATION
MV Director: V-Hawk
Composed by: Jessi, johnjohn, CuzD
Lyrics by: Jessi, Jay Park, johnjohn
Arranged by: johnjohn, CuzD

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Copyrights 2019 ⓒ P NATION All Rights Reserved


Chae KPOP says:

Still dripping

Dark Cheonsa says:

Why she looks like nicky minaj and cardi b mix 😂

Muqi Moty says:

Wew, i saw wayang. Couldn't expect that

Jendeukie Princess says:

Tryna stream Drip and getting two 3+ minutes ads like 😭💀

하온이라하네 says:

와 박재범 조졋다

ɮロɮタ でタモ says:

Antis:Koreans can't speak English.
Jessi:Hold my goose.

Aurora Garcia says:

Wow she is the Korean Nicki Minaj😹😹


With all of the horrible things happening in the KPOP industry now this year, I'm really happy that there are people like Jessi who really seems to not give a crap about the haters and what they have to say.

army BTS% says:

You are the best

Zhan Imangaliev says:

She is fake version nicki minaj.

Alexis Grant says:

i need a collab with CL, Hyuna, Jessi, Jay Park, and LE

vu huynh says:

I think p nation look like zoo, they have many special single (i love thi$)❤❤❤

Tj Yoon says:

ada wayangnya…. tidak menyangka

Camille Cuison says:

Is it just me or is Jessi like the Nicki Minaj of Korea. Hot af, that oozing confidence.

Edgar Wijaya says:

holy shit sick flow

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