Jessi (제시) – 'Drip Feat. 박재범 (Jay Park)' MV Behind The Scenes

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Jessi (제시) – ‘Drip Feat. 박재범 (Jay Park)’ MV Behind The Scenes

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약오르지롱 says:

제시 열심히 사는데 왜케 갈구나ㅋㅋ 상처주는 말은 그냥 마음에 담아 두던지 개인 일기에 쓰자.

Lucy Ferreira says:

0:55 psy?

BionicEnchantress says:

JESSI!! MAH QUEEN!!! I am absolutely loving the vibe and beat of the new song!! I have been jamming to it all day!! And Jay Park SLAYED with his rap!! I love you both so much!! ❤❤👑👑💎💎💎

Enms says:

I love u Jessi! ❤

ethel jean says:

I love REAL QUEENS. you feel me?

Jimmy W says:

Ghettofication is not a good style

Sara Raquel says:

Dance pratice

manar d says:

i hope you will do an ost song again. just like for the Cinderella and Four Knights drama. keep falling in love with your voice more and more

Bianca Altendorf says:

Monster woo Oppa is so cute 🥰😂

Xavier Hawkins says:

I absolutely love her raspy voice.

V's Victory says:

Wait did I just see psy……da fuq…..

……nvm😂 I just found this is psy company…well I think so hehe..

pan - da says:

Big hit : done
Yg : done
Jyp : done
Pnation : this is our year .

Ita Savitar says:

is that PSY?? the yellow man ?

3D pen펜맨-액션피규어 says:

와우~ 둘의 캐미가 와우~ 이런 영상 ~ 좋아요~

26살백수 힙합음악 유튜버 says:

더 이뻐졌어요.

My Life is벙턴 says:

La meuf est encore plus une pute dans la realiter…

tylerwonho says:

Too short!!!!

fhora zz says:

J'adore quand elle est heureuse 🥰❤

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