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NO copyright Copyright Coffee Club would like to see the choreography of this band has not infringed any of it on the grill.
All Korean music is back to normal, but I do not like to dance to all Korean music


Ana B. says:

Esta bien perro difícil, mis respetos, mi next challenge hahaha

Kedan Pentia says:

Yuna… Screams Internally

Jane Pan says:

where can i get those pants

아석진 says:

Itzy exept yeji:hey let's wear black sweat pant,let's not just tell yeji

Yeji: tf?

Mia Moua says:

0:46 is the time I start to learn this freaking dance. My hand leg coordination sucks

SINB _ says:

Hi Midzy !
I know I late but if this can help you

CHAERYEONG : All black with ponytail
LIA : White Crop And Black Pants with Ponytail
YEJI : All White With Ponytail
RYUJIN : All Black (no ponytail)
YUNA : White Crop with Black Pants (Red Hair)

XxLilyxX says:

Lets all wear black pants and not tell yeji(which is my bias)

moonxstar subliminals says:


Prissilia Tv says:

tell me who's the main dancer. is it the one with black long sleeve crop top?

Momina says:

2:33 – i broke my back while trying this…

Bunny_smile yeodongsaeng says:

Can pls someone tell me who who is pls (new here )

ew says:

they're all great dancers

Jacky Martinez says:


customer two says:

Omg they're hair is like ok lemme fly here then back to old position beautifully and neatly

Princess Yuki Edogawa says:

I never expected that i will actually learn this dance…but the song is soooo good i cant just listen to it without busting some i decided to learn this instead…

Lalisa Manoban says:


srry note to self

Hazzel Dawn Marie Reyes says:

omg!!!itzy is too nice,like twice. good job onnie

Hannah Schlosser-Hall says:

this choreo is so good I fell in love with it as soon as the song came out only to find out later that my favorite choreographer EVER did it lol makes sense

Young One * says:

I am gonna try and learn this dance! I am going do it as Lia.
Wish me luck. I will update when I have it sorted!


Zhong Eli says:

what if my hair is longer than their and i can't do a high ponytail because it just doesn't stay put together……. am i not able to do ponytails or what

Vanessa Noel says:

Me duele la nuca después de practicar esto

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