iPadOS 14 One Week Later! Does the BEST Get Better?!

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iPadOS 14 beta 1 came out last week and I had to install it immediately because I absolutely love my iPad, its basically attached at my hip and chances are I’m using it more often then any other device I own.

So what’s new and are the new features as excited as the press release sounds?

Lets find out!

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I download all the betas exet big sur since my iMac is to old XD but my phone hasn't crashed once in the two or three months I have had it on my iPhone

Bisarot Hub says:

i wish apple would deploy full xcode on ipad OS

Daniel Malpartida says:

I am using a 5th gen iPad, should I upgrade to iPadOS 14? I´m worried the hardware might not handle it

nitin s235 says:

Guys do you know that ipados 14 enables to stream 4k in youtube.

KYROS Bamin Richo says:

Did you say apple music like you can add song without itunes😑

Sandra Cunningham says:

One month overdue for the video 📼 Yo!?!

Justin's Cinema says:



It has been decades and ipad doesn't have a proper Instagram app😒😔

Michael Samodurov says:

The iPad also has no option to safely eject external storage devices. At least, not that I could find other than being told to close the app and shut off the device.

active285 says:

What the iPad gets is ridiculous and useless. I was so eager to finally being able to properly use this gigantic iPad home screen for more than just a grid of stupid icons. More than disappointing to be honst…

In addition: there is no app library nor the possibility to hide home screen pages… meaning basically all the amazing new iOS features are missing on the iPad. Why?

And what's the logic behind this? // small screen = huge widgets; large screen = no widgets.

SuperAviation 001 says:

I’m so exited for iPadOS14 offical release when it is released officially I will install it

S H says:

obviously Apple hits your G-spot ,-D

Chuck Watson says:

iOS jailbreak’s small call feature is miles ahead of the one on ios14

Chuck Watson says:

iOS 14 has been extremely underwhelming for me on my pro 12.9

MA ZIN says:

tell me about gaming with keyboard and mouse for pubg

Alex HO says:

But the current iPad already has the search function you're talking about. I've used it since the iPad Pro 2018 was launched. Is there anything new besides the UI of the search function?

Zacharie Chiron says:

Interesting insight, thanks!

Another thing which we should report to Apple in 'feedback':

The feature 'Bedtime' in Clock on iPadOS 14 was removed (whereas on iPhone, it was moved to the 'Alarm' tab in Clock). 
I've already sent a feedback to Apple to ask them to put it back, because this is a strict downgrade for no apparent reason. And 'Bedtime' was an important feature health-wise for people who used it as it helps to regulate sleep.
I would urge everyone else who is on iPadOS 14 to send a feedback to Apple as well – if many of us do it, Apple is more likely to listen.

Ideally, they really should be adding the Health app to the iPad… but at least 'Bedtime'.

Daniel Tober says:

on ios 13 you can see the battery life of each airpod and the case as well

29kalel says:

iOS 14 beta is really stable. Widget bugs but still really good.

Peter Crolling says:

I am glad, i saw the video. It was elaborate and i loved it> AMAZING 🙂

Xan Page-Brown says:

"dont install on your main or only ios device"

me: installed it on my daily iPad

TD says:

Does spotlight on iPad have abilities to do complex calculations like the one on the Mac does. Spotlight on Mac is basically my calculator all the time, it was when I was in engineering college and now it is on my engineer job too. having it on the iPad would be wonderful.

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