Install iOS 14 / iPadOS 14 Right now | No computer needed | works on both iPhone & iPad

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Install the latest iOS 14 / iPadOS 14.
No computer needed.

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TRUNQArtz says:

Why did my IPad version is still 12.4.8?

Asia Bandz says:

Thanks so much! I love my new update. My cousins want this too, I’ll recommend this video to them! ❤️

Nelson Santos says:

Thank you so much! This video had great directions and I couldn’t figure out how to update my iPad! I still had on 12 thank you for this!

iiUniPlayz says:

My storage said I think nOt 💀

Ashleygamergirl275 :P says:

Does it reset you iPad??

Kunthy Nong says:

Thos this work with iPad 2nd generation and dis this lose my files?

David Hu says:

I downloaded the beta profile for iOS14 on my ipad air (first gen) but it’s still stuck on ios 12.4.8

gwyfiIms // eirish says:

wait is this safe? and how to downgrade?

Eman YT says:

I did it but I'm still on 10.3.3 😤😡

Naina raghu says:

How much time does it take

MH10 says:

I’m about to update mine when will the full version come out of beta?

Tia Davies says:

I just did it but it’s not working it sais downloaded but when I check it doesn’t work helP?

IDontHaveAName says:

How long does it take when u update it?

Keisha Rudolf says:

If u downloaded it and it has bugs think about it its in beta :’)

Aboflah says:

it’s not working for me when press install now it’s not lting me 😣

Earnest Archanist says:

Can I do this for a 2nd gen ipad?

Chelseay Demesvar says:

it says there wil be bugs 🙁 but i did it anyway

James Garces says:

Is this function from iPad 4th gen?

Dimplez Bandz says:

If install now button does not work it’s because you need at least 20% battery to update to ios14👍

Danica Vicente says:

The downloaded ios 14 doesnt show on the software updates..i cant update may ipad mini 1..☹️

Redaan Rehan Riyaz says:

I also did it is so cool and Supports old iPad also

spyder 0060 says:

bro plz tell is it safe to download from the site bcz it’s saying that only the members of the beta program are allowed to download it nd plz also do tell bout the if there’s any issue with the ipad right now

baby ohio avery quarmyne says:

Is this free ?

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