ImDontai Reacts To Lil Baby – The Bigger Picture – Music Video

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Kamari Norman says:

Baby was like 🖕🏾

Will Morris says:

2 white people at my school said the n word and they going to a private school next year 😂

Raysace says:

black excellence <3

STTK Crest says:

u realize lil baby didnt say the n word once in the song

The one and only Recyclin bin says:

One day imma get rich and buy a a10 warthog to defend my home family and anyone else that needs defence and you will see a bunch of racist people’s body parts on the streets

Daniel_megh _nrt says:

BLM is racist

Kevin Lunpkins says:

It's crazy that even though I saw this vid like three times you can really see the emotional response from him when those facts are being spoken real reaction

milena beltran says:

highest in the room travis scott

Moez serag says:


N7 & Pwap says:

You should react to N7 & Pwap’s new song “POP OUT” 🔥👀 Hardest Black and Mexican Duo from Oklahoma with millions of views but they haven’t blown up yet 🤦🏽‍♂️ this video might be the one tho ‼️

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