HYO & 3LAU 'Punk Right Now' Choreo One-Point Lesson

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HYO의 ‘Punk Right Now’ 칼군무 포인트 동작을 공개합니다~


alanis mmora says:

OMG they are so natural and cute ;;
now i stan Hyo

e k says:

안무 진짜 잘짰던데 누구죠?

Susan Dans says:

Holaa !! tengo un dance cover de esta cancion apreciaria si alguien puede verlo <3

Susan Dans says:

Hi there I have a dance cover of this song I appreciate if someone can watch it

angrydrummergirl says:

Hyo, I love that you don't even need translated subs to have anyone in any country just smiling and laughing throughout this entire video <3 I love that you create an environment of fun and laughter no matter who you're around <3

99boy says:

안무영상 빨리줘요 현기증난단말이에여

Want to watch P0RN? Search EXO - KOKOBOP on youtube says:


Joe says:

The audio in this video makes me want to Van Gough myself

Zahra J D Y says:

SM really feed the fans very well know❣

Surti Handayani says:

Aku nggak dong bahasanya T_T

Azharayu. rosty says:


Coelhinha Lua Hoseok LooNa Stan says:

Dancing Queen

nahm sritapti says:

She sooooo cute😍

Seungji Bunnieh says:

All I can say is, this is a better SOLO. 🍵

Ariel Hunt says:

It's so nice to see her just fooling around and laughing with her dancers. This is why I love her, she's just seems like such a funny, chill person to be around.

KpopCpopUtaites multifandom says:

She looks so close to her dancers! I'm glad Hyoyeon still has people with her even when promoting solo.

ڪچە دڵشڪاوەڪە says:


Sarah Miracle says:

i want dance practice and live performance for this plzzz

Jeno Enix says:

HYOYEON ♥️♥️♥️


똥똥똥 효연이 ㅋㅋ

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