HUGE BIRTHDAY GLOW UP | *Getting my life together to feel better*

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HUGE BIRTHDAY GLOW UP | *Getting my life together to feel better*
Huge Birthday Glow Up | *Getting my life together*
Huge Birthday Glow Up | *Getting my life together to feel better* #birthdayglowup #analuisany #glowup


☆Huge Birthday Glow Up | *Getting my life together to feel better*☆
I’ve been sad so I forced myself to have a glow up, going into Lockdown 2.0 so I thought the only way to make me feel better was too GLOW UP and this made me get my life together to feel better! 0-100! for my lockdown Birthday!
Seriously needed to get my life together!
Huge Birthday Glow Up | 0-100 Lockdown Birthday
Huge Birthday Glow Up | 0-100 *making myself feel better*
Huge Birthday Glow Up | *Getting my life together to feel better*
☆ #glowup #getttingmylifetogthertofeelbetter

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Donatella Butt says:

Make sure to check out the Ana Luisa BLACK FRIDAY SALE!!
Link is in the Description!!😍😍😍

Ps, it’s amazing what a layer of fake tan can do😂😂 hope you enjoy! Birthday vlog coming soon😍😍

Jessica Dourado says:

Awhhh that happens to me all the time when I do my nails! Your hair is so gorgeous, I’m so jealous😭 Those donuts are making me hungry loll. Loved this video as always❤️

Jessica Dourado says:

Happy very belated birthday!! I hope you had a great day. Love that you value self care, it’s so important to take care of ourselves as often as we can! Ooo I love your nails!!🖤

Hayle’s World says:

Loved this hope you had the best day celebrating! 💗

Fatma Luka says:

Happy late birthday!! You're the sweetest and so beautiful!

Morgan Green says:

Love Ana Luisa 😍 yesss going all out for your birthday is just SO needed! It honestly makes you feel like even more of a queen that you are!! Your tan looks so good 💛

nienkexplores says:

Ahh I love glow ups so much, always makes me feel a little reborn haha

Maddison Johnson says:

How long does it take you to diffuse your hair? When I do it it takes forever 😂

Zakiya Wiltz says:

You look so beautiful in this video from the beginning to the end😍😍😍😍😍😍

A Little Bit of Pingree says:

Happy belated birthday!!! Your donuts looked amazing 😋😋😋 every woman needs to take time to pamper herself because you really do feel so much better! 💜

Kylie Davis says:

Mint chocolate is my fav!

Kylie Davis says:

You literally remind me of zoella

Kylie Davis says:

I’ve never seen a diffuser like that!

Kylie Davis says:

That banana bath blend sounds amazing! I love baths, I take them everytime I’m sad lol. I love grey’s anatomy!! that tan sounds amazing as well. I’ve never tried anything like it. I’m scared id miss a spot haha. I have been wanting to paint my nails so bad, i think you’ve inspired me! i have been into gray colors lately. literally my nails never stay on lol.

Kylie Davis says:

I love those huggie hoops! i have never heard of them. that bracelet is beautiful, too!

Cassie Ferry says:

I am so stealing this selfcare/ glow-up routine 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY my gorgeous Italian stallion, I love you so much <3 X

Ana Gastarova says:

Sooo good🤙

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