How To REMOVE iOS 14 Beta – Uninstall/Delete iOS 14 Profile & Install iOS 14 OFFICIAL!

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How to uninstall iOS 14 Beta | Remove iOS 14 Profile & Downgrade iOS 14 to 13! Want to learn how to downgrade iOS 14 to 13 no losing data? This is the right tutorial on how to delete ios 14 profile & uninstall ios 14 beta! The recess to remove ios 14 profile, uninstall ios 14 beta & downgrade to iOS 13 is too easy. To remove ios 14 profile from settings, you wont need a computer, however if you want to uninstall iOS 14 beta & downgrade iOS 14 to 13, you will need to computer to downgrade iOS 14 to 13. If you have a computer, then learn how to downgrade iOS 14 to 13, and uninstall iOS 14 beta from YOUR device!

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Saunders Tech says:

❗️❗️Watch my LATEST iOS 14 Coverage HERE:

Marta Calin says:

can someone pls help me i dont have the profile thing on general and i wanna change my phone back to normal

Ava Costello says:

I don’t have a computer

It’s Claire says:

Wtf my phone doesn’t have the Profile thingy

Cari Panda says:

iOS 14 is garbage rn

V I C K Y Y says:

Since I put the ios 14 update my phone dosnt work that good

Firerocket TvT says:

Profile isn’t showing up. I just want to delete it, I am 22 years old and don’t need a fucking censorship from ios 14… come on

Alicia says:

There is no profile

lil youngkee cill says:

Some how u lose😞 some sub on ur channel Saunders tech find out why u had bout 99k i think or even more now u got by 10k sub

Jada Pupper says:

Profile isn’t on my iPad -_-

Dawood Bilal says:

very helpful loveyou❤️❤️❤️

Ciya says:

It don’t show the profile thing

Jakub Jaček says:

ios 14 is bigest shit i ever seen not including windows 10

stan kpop says:

ima just buy a new phone cause this update is trash

Zulkifli Azemi says:

Menyamar babi

Zulkifli Azemi says:

Karut haram

no.mp4 シ says:


no.mp4 シ says:

i didnt watch this video before i pressed restart what do i do now

Merhelia says:

Omfg I have 16 GB on my iPad because it was my school iPad that we then “bought out” and ever since quarantine I have wanted to get Google meet on my iPad since it’s a lot smoother, and I have google document and presentation, but in order to do get meet I have to get rid of 6 GB for the 14.2 update. I have sat here for two days now moving pictures from my very old iPad to my very new phone ( with A LOT of storage on ) and then I am ready to update. Litterly have no pictures left ( the thing that took up most of the storage for me ), only google documents and presentation, Spotify, notes and YouTube. I update my iPad and I go to see my storage…15,6!!!!!!???? WHAT I had 10.5! Anyways I go to app store to download google meet but I have to uninstall presentations for it to work.. the app doesn’t work and I go to install google presentation again AND IT SAYS NO STORAGE SPACE?!

Pls I need help I want to remove this update but all I have seen are tutorials like yourself that say that the iOS update will be seen in “profile” or that it will pop up in storage but it doesn’t show up to me! 😖 I want google presentation back ;-;

ReaperZ_ACEE says:

What if u don’t see the profile button and still can’t update?

•Dragon Nectar• says:

pls help. there’s no profiles option omfg

BECENG Gaming says:

Its works thanks bro👍🏻

ayeezara x says:

I need it out I don’t like it at alll

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