How Avatar the Last Airbender Went From Good to Great

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Avatar the Last Airbender is one of the greatest cartoons of all time. Or actually, one of the greatest television shows of all time. Following the cast of Aang, Zuko, Sokka, Katara, and Toph, the show presents mature themes and emotionally evoking writing. On top of that, the world of bending gives a rich sense of unique fantasy unable to be found outside of the Avatar universe.
But was Avatar the Last Airbender always good? What was the best episode? When did Avatar become Great? Here to answer these questions is Hoodie, as he dives into some of his favorite and least favorite episodes of the show.

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Maurice Steel says:

Aang emerging from his ice "egg" basically imprints on Katara. Lmao

Microwaving Machine says:

I actually made a video explaining why it sucks and why Aang is a hypocrite like all the other characters and why the story actually delivers a faulty message. I would recommend watching it.

Hillbilly Comics says:

Just finished my second watch since it came to Netflix👏👏 also watched Korra in between ATLA views. I liked this show as a kid, but I love it now

ThatSky PrincessKiki says:

I was sitting here thinking to myself “well it IS just a kids show….”
Then realized, wait a minute
“Adventure Time is also just a kids show, and they manage to go very in depth to characters despite each episode only being 11 minutes long”

Marshalicious says:

The comedy on this show helps the dark/sad parts to be more impactful, it's a matter of good pacing

Lucas Blevins says:

11:33 – Is that a clone I hear? 😜

D Grave says:

As a martial artist and a huge fan of this show and basically anything wuxia/ wushu related, I fell in love with this series as a kid doing northern tum pai gung fu (kajukenbo) and this stuff came at the right time in my life. Now it’s back and I am practicing northern shaolin wushu and though the year has not been fantastic it’s been the best I’ve ever experienced!! Had to write this after watching season 3 Sokka’s master hit really close to my heart emotionally. I doubt my worth sometimes but this was an inspiring story. The message: keep at it! Your dreams matter and you are good at something! You are also more worthy than you realize! Look deeply into yourself and see the leader in you. The warrior. The master. Combine your strengths and weaknesses into a formidable weapon. Doubt is the enemy. Destroy it for good!!

OoPhar says:

As a kid I never realised how good this show is.
Now I do.

Julian Price says:

We can call the show air bender and the movie avatar
But I am just calling the movie trash

Tony Poon says:

The critique of the silliness – wasn't the idea of season 1 to be more fun and light hearted, hence the joke?. Then the tone changed towards Season 2 and 3 as the stakes becomes higher and higher.

S C says:

I think what makes Avatar such an amazing show is that while it was made for kids, it didn't treat the audience like kids. So many cartoons just exist with no real value or plot yet Avatar gave children a reason to watch. "What's an Avatar?" "Are all the Airbenders really gone?" "What happened to Zuko's mom?" These are all things 12 year old me asked and every week I wanted to know the answers

Seán says:

Woah even seeing the first scene while i I’m currently in the middle of season 3 is so weird the characters change so much it’s amazing

Reup Forthebetter says:

Dude wtf, you went through that whole video and never got into what the title described.

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