[HOT] iKON – B-DAY, 아이콘 – 벌떼 Show Music core 20170624

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Show! Music core 20170624
iKON – B-DAY, 아이콘 – 벌떼

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Bianca Camelle Del Mundo says:

I miss them so much 😭

Aoelia Rahmah says:

We need just FREEDOM it's iKON

Natasha Alia says:

Omg kim hanbin so hottttt 🔥 🔥 🔥

Daniel says:

1:00 babies at 2:56 AM

Skye Cruz says:

I love you Hanbinnie

AG Berns says:

Nevermind the news. I'm gonna stare at you all I want. 😭😭😭

badjao l says:

Anyone here after b.i drug scandal???😥😥

stan ATEEZ and SF9 says:

Why does Hanbin's hair look like a hedgehog? 😂

stan ATEEZ and SF9 says:

0:040:10 Bobby looks so cute while he laughs 😂

dongttoppi 4lyf says:

how can ppl call this song and bling bling a flop lol


Excuse me, sirs. This is not your concert.

YG* STAN says:

June in thumbnail 😭💕

Praphan Seein says:

Love B.i 🐯😍

promise saranghae22 says:

Tank top junee 😍

Joyce Daclan says:

Twins killed my sorry ass with that wink skjhasdjfgs;k

Kim Namjoon says:

YG motto :"no party no life"😂

Cristina Defensor says:

Twin tower are winking at me!!!! 😍😍

lovely juneeeya says:

June in thethumbnail brings me here 😊😀😘😘

the gurl. says:

chanwoo wink


himura haibara says:

Only ikon can make animal movements become swaggy dance

Allyson moral says:

Lorin loves iKON

Allyson moral says:

Lorin loves iKON

Gen leparto says:

The definition of live performance ..

Angela Crunch says:

The thumbnail tho 💗🔥

choco cone says:

bobby's laugh when hanbin screams, they're real y'all

채영박 says:

I love Chan, JU-NE & DK's outfit 💖 (I also like the others outfit but these are the outfits I like the most don't mind)

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