Hamilton Disney+ Official Trailer | IGN | AyChristene Reacts

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Hamilton Disney+ Official Trailer | IGN | AyChristene Reacts| AyChristene – Patreon: http://bit.ly/AyChristenePatreon Subscribe: http://bit.ly/SubAyChristene
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blank says:

Anyone still waiting for her reaction to the live version

Superman 74 says:

Did you do a reaction the the (Disney) live performance?

5Mariner says:

You got a pretty singing voice yourself

Jack Rios says:

You should watch the Hamilton vids by Working with Lemons

HeyIAmGiu _ says:

Even thought I already watched Hamilton after they released the "movie" version, I still get chills when I see the trailers ;w;

(Sorry if my english wasn't good TuT 🇧🇷)

Maria Reynolds says:

I was freaking out when I heard it came out and I legit on July 3 first thing in the morning just put it on I didn't change brush my teeth or nothing I watched it all! I loved Maria Reynolds

Arthur&BusterBFFL says:

You are going to sing.

Ceara Threets says:

Nice. And hi 😸

Mahnoor Chaudhry says:

It was so good, I loved it so much. Kinda sad they removed the f-words, I get they did it to make it child-friendly, but it down't back the same punch yknow.

thekid6467 says:

You have to be the first person ive heard that liked the live action Lion king over Aladdin

Sarai Juri says:

I just really like the songs and how they tell a story 😐

Vilma Tasayco Yáñez says:

The Hamilton film ;v. https://t.co/9oHuR7pPt6?amp=1

Eugene Luster says:

I just saw it it’s okay 👌🥰

Just a weeb Who is a artist says:

I watched it and I was excited

Smug Boi LoL says:

What's Hamilton I'm curious can someone explain me what it's about.

abby garcia says:

You sing amizing I can fell your eximemt

Hachiman's Yaoicafe says:

Does anyone have an account I can borrow I feel empty

Jaynee .] says:

I was watching just now

Dr. SweetSlip says:

2:49 that was the same reaction I got, I was so hype and I still am, I can’t wait to watch this!! And I hope you have a good Experience watching it to, Christine!

Spooky Kyle Lawler says:

All they censored was a few F-Bomb, So It Could Keep A PG-13 Rating and Not To be R

Tomas Velazquez says:

Hey Christine I just wanted to say that under the star at the end of the add it says pg13 so its not for kids XD just so you know 😁

Mur Mur says:

Yes you will sing. And never sip like that lmao 😆

Rosie Sweets says:

#thatkeychangetho if you know you know

Tomás Ó hÉigeartuigh says:

According to lin they only removed two f bombs to give it a PG-13 rating, other than that everything is the same as the play

whyyouneed mynametho says:

They are just taking out like only 2 f bombs

Addison Lane says:

SOOO…. Nothing is changed except two words.

OneLazyLlama says:

bruh i’m so excited, i’m doing nothing but watching this on the 3rd. i legit have never seen the show and it was one of my dreams until a lot of new actors were in it. now we get to see it with the original people and i’m so excited!!!

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