Got7 – Just Right (Color Coded Han|Rom|Eng Lyrics)

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Got7's song "Just Right" with Hangul, Romanization and English subs!

(The members are in order of age)

No copyright infringement intended! This song does not belong to me.


¡รнค ทααʑ says:

And Jinyoung was Jr. Back then 😁

Pink Grapefruit says:

Just wondering, who is the main rapper, main vocalist, and main dancer?

Kelly The youngest says:

Bambam and Yugyeom:
does this 👌with their hands
Boys in my class: No self serve

sa rah * says:


honestly stop- says:

This makes me so soft and smiley idky please help- I don't even stan got7 but jesus

Lyrockstar Vlogs says:

For a minute I thought yugyeom was Bang PDnim or one of the guys from super junior or coni from weekly idol

Brianna Mccartin says:


Park Jimin wifeu /maeaknae says:

Jackson looking at JB
Jr. looking at Jackson
Jackson and Jr. looking at JB

AlexisCupcakeWorld says:

Kpop fans where u at

Ljane Abayon says:

We're is ahn hyeo seop

doyoyo _ says:

if got7 says you're pretty, yOU ARE PRETTY.

박Jiminixx says:

I'm inlove with this song…❤

G-Dragon and Taeyeon says:

Can someone tell me why in this pics, JB look alike Suga, Yugyeom look alike Jungkook and BamBam look alike Jimin.

Blackberry OwO says:

I used to love that song sooo much. I was always dancing on it. But since I dislocated my leg while dancing at a convention… I hate it a bit…

Min Shooky says:

Mark is soooo cute~!

euphoric tear says:

They all look fiveskskskskksksksksks

Syafiq Zainuri says:

Someone can tell a pics JB look alike Suga, Yugyeom look alike Kookie, Mark look alike Jin and BamBam look alike Jimin (abit).

PARK sara says:

Always need this song as I always feel ugly…. LOVE U GOT7♥♥♥

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