GFRIEND – Glass Bead – mirrored Dance Version – 여자친구 유리구슬

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GFRIEND - Glass Bead - mirrored Dance Version
여자친구 유리구슬 (C) 2015 Source Music
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Live Performances

150116 MusicBank
(150116 Cool FM)
150117 MusicCore
150118 (White) Inkigayo
150120 TheShow
150122 Mcountdown
150123 MusicBank
150123 SimplyKpop
150124 MusicCore
150125 Inkigayo
150128 TheShow
150129 Mcountdown
(150129 SimSimTaPa)
150130 MusicBank
150201 Inkigayo
(150203 Cool FM)
150203 TheShow
150204 ShowChampion
150205 Mcountdown
(150206 MBC Radio)
150206 SimplyKpop
150206 MusicBank
150207 MusicCore
150208 Inkigayo
(150209 Arirang K-Poppin')
150210 TheShow
150211 ShowChampion
150212 Mcountdown
150213 MusicBank
(150216 Mnet Yaman TV)
150217 TheShow
(150219 Idol Star Athletics Championships
150220 Idol Star Athletics Championships)
150221 MusicCore
150225 ShowChampion
150226 Mcountdown
150227 MusicBank
150303 TheShow
150313 Korean PD Awards
150315 Inkigayo


Moody Stars says:

Wait wait wait…
I really can’t be the only one who thinks that their hair looked purple towards the end. Like when they did the high kick or before. Is it really just me? Or do you see it too??

Sabrina says:

I learned the dance, it's a great exercise🌟😀🌟

Nana Kh says:

sowon's legs are … amazing

jiun hua says:


Buddy ÄŘMÝ says:

I wish the installation sorry on the inconvenience but I asked each fandoms we buudy Renen to deliver the song
Time for the Moon Night and
Suuny Suumer
for gfriend 100m views I hope all fandoms support and publish the campaign also thanks from the heart to all fandoms who will support Gfriend

Nawshin Tasfia says:

They r fast and cool

alex asoy says:


Aumor Psyche says:

I don’t know why this reminds me of snsd’s into the new world 😂

Doctor Coconut says:

I always wonder why their legs are so long

Marsela Ayunandita says:


Iqbal-kun says:

Which dance is harder? Me gustas tu or glass bead? I think this is harder, for me, me gustas tu dance is easy for me

Princess Dizon says:

Gfriend is the one who has the hard dance in gg

Dream of ZA zom says:

Like 1.yerin,eunha 2.sowon,yuju 3.sinB,umji

Mohammed Saleem A says:

love u yerin

Jennie Kim says:

How do they nail their dances damn. I’m a newbie buddy now.

Beiyang yang says:

Is it just me cause every time they are in the center their hair color turns into purple.

Edit:or their hair color is purple?

Milieka Camacho says:

yuju has the dirtiest shoe soles

John Mark D. says:


Alex Dobreva says:

Star power dance

Hasma Wati says:

ilove you gfirend

Kupu-kupu Malam says:

Kerenn soalnya wanita nya cantik2 ,, hehe

이홍순이홍순 says:


이홍순이홍순 says:


이홍순이홍순 says:


이홍순이홍순 says:

Gg~~^/^ !!:**

Sinika Iniesta says:

i love yerin and sowon

Sinika Iniesta says:

i love yerin

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