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Let’s get unready together!! Instead of a chisme mukbang video, I wanted to get unperrafied with you guys and spill the chisme. I was at my full perra potential, but through out the video I take off my makeup, wig, and change! It was so weird doing this on camera lol. I answered some questions on surgeries, BBL, my relationship, and a lot more. I hope you guys enjoyed the chisme and got some laughs!
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Louie's Life says:

I was gonna do a mukbang but girl…. this quarantine is already making me gain weight so …. maybe next year LMAO

jessica anguiano says:

Ur forsure a Leo cause I can relate 🤣 about not wanting attention at times and changing the was you are depending on who your with haha

Ashley romero says:

you should do you're boyfriends makeup

Emily Parra says:

Baddest perra💜

Norma Ochoa says:

I follow you on Instagram

Xitlali Suarez-Caballero says:

i straight new already about louies fight

Michelle E says:

Bitchhh i hate being alone im clingy af I just can’t stand myself!

Mel says:

Before he was 2 million subs I met louie and honestly I almost dieddddd he was so sweet I seen him walking with yami!! I was so shy I couldn’t i took pics that are soooo unperrafied… anyways I need to meet you again

Diana Gonzalez says:

U should make a video with your deep voice !!

Briseyda Cruz says:

I love your videos🥰🤍

Elizabeth Rugerio says:

Louie is bringing Karla vibes in the beginning of the video 😂😂

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