FAVORITE (페이버릿) – Loca M/V

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[MV] FAVORITE (페이버릿) – Loca

Artist : FAVORITE (페이버릿)
Title : 3rd Mini Album _ [LOCA]
Title track : Loca
Album Release : 2019.01.15. 6PM (KST)
Full Track: 1.loca
4.둘이서 (Two of us)
Artist Company: ASTORY Entertainment
Distribution: KAKAO M

ASTORY Official Homepage: http://www.astoryent.com
FAVORITE Official Fan’s : http://cafe.daum.net/official-story
FAVORITE Official Twitter : https://twitter.com/favorite_twt
FAVORITE Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/officialFavorite
FAVORITE Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/Favoriteofficial
FAVORITE Instagram :​ https://www.instagram.com/favorite_official


Rosangela Macedo says:

Óia que maravilha

Tisba / 티연 says:

The best comeback of 2019, NOBODY can change my mind.

the wandering spirit of k-pop says:

sooo howcome.the views are so less on this still by now..

Boitumelo Lamola says:

They are literally one of my favourite girl groups its so sad that they dont have many fans.

K-popping Ariana says:

Fandom name should be lovers cuz Favourite's lover and favourite is our favourite group

Erika Badillo says:

Oh wow. The 1theK upload of the video has 3M views while this one has only 35k Views. Wasn't expecting that….no wait: yes I did.

K-popping Ariana says:

Please keep the fandom name Lovers


Redwan Saimon says:

Such A Magical Heart Touching Song. Can't Stop Listening It. Fav Sisters I'm Waiting For More Surprises. Good Luck

Evelly Araujo says:

essa musica e contagiosa eu não consigo parar de cantar

JS woo says:

This song is amazing 😍

Michelle Uzo says:

Yasssßsssssss ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

New Otaku Chan Three says:

Sigue siendo el mejor comeback del año para mi ❤️ todo el mini álbum es muy bueno 💜❤️

Corina Palacios says:

Na Loca Loca Loca🎊❤❤💖

R Ad says:

Wow ,تجنن الصراحه انا ادعمكم

hum kk says:

Eu amo vocêsss❤

loli - chan says:

I love it ♡♡

hyejoo's missing sock says:


enny abdulrauf says:

They are so pretty who are they?

Selena Keyowski says:

The best group's start off small and eventually blow up. I have a feeling your time will come soon.

Pambudi Wibowo says:

the song is nice, one of underrated group with good talent…

subliminals 汨 Wenyu says:

사랑해 favorite 💜🍭💜🍭

Dan Villa says:

Alguien de México? <3

Kat Rose says:


Mangae army says:

노래 다 너무제취향이에요ㅜㅜ 꼭 잘됐으면좋겠어요!!!!😍

VlZe안은빈 권대 says:

정말 어메이징 명곡이라구요! 오늘 시험시간에 생각나서 9등급으로..카로카^^

sukyung bae says:

hey astory entertainment! when loca mv reach 3M vi3ws drop the fandom name

sukyung bae says:

can astory ent pls give us our fandom name already?

BanpsiVampz VAV says:

Nice canción,porque tan pocas vistas 😐👏

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