Favorite (페이버릿) – Loca Dance Cover [Jellybeannose]

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This is a short cover I did for Instagram but I thought I might as well post it here as well :3 I’m so obsessed with this song and dance you guys honestly have no idea lol.

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manuel molina says:


Jay Rust says:

Jellybean, if you haven't – please be saved. I want to dance with you in eternity 🙂 Acts 2:21, Jude 21

Oh Yeah Yeah Commander says:

yes i know lets get drunk

Lucid Lizard Plays says:

Ultra thick 🥵

Cromeykinz says:


hello hello says:

i would kill to see her with her top off

Kah Ni Chong says:

Can teach next time bts spring day dance??

liam spruyt says:

i don't like dancing at all i mean like i find them cool and its very skillful but never been interested but damn you can dance! i like it!

StapleZ _YEeT says:

Marriage proposal is in the mail

Anonymous says:


namjinie says:

What city are you in? Are you in Miami? Can you teach me a few kpop dance if you are"

Dominic C says:

Hot hot hot hot hot hot hot 😵😵😵

John Timmons says:

Not very imaginative…. Same "moves" used in all her vids. Looks like someone having an epileptic seizure. She'd get laughed off the stage at any competition.


nice dancing sexy

Docits Fiftyfour says:

I love this song! glad you coverd it =)

mamba109 says:

Oh shit you're still alive

Sirist10 says:

toditooooooo bbecita toditooo te lo doy

Tiffany says:

Loved this one!

Carl says:

white girl trying to be korean lel

Hoe Toe says:

Love the little dance clips

Ben McManus says:

You are forever awesome 😀

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