Family Reacts to BLACKPINK – DDU DU DDU DU – Live at Coachella 2019

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We react to BLACKPINK - DDU DU DDU DU live at Coachella...
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BLACKPINK - DDU DU DDU DU - Live at Coachella 2019 Friday April 19, 2019


-HiHi- Go says:

Could you react to izone violeta?

Chy’Ane says:

Thank you someone finally points out how bias the outfits are still love them though

1k. chloeee says:

Jennie was in white bc she had her solo performance

_아이Rosè says:

Can you please react to EXO El Dorado live and Vocal Kings 🙏🙏🙆🙆💕💕

Wonsuck Choi says:

It is funny that your mom was so curious about (i) whether they are outside and (ii) why only one of them wear white.

Ryoko Asuka says:

can you do covers as well. your voice is amazing too.

Summer Mia says:

Wait which ones ur sister? 😂

JChu LiC says:

react to Solo by Jennie

Lauren Pearson says:

You should react to Red Velvets Zimzalabim

Jonas Lira says:

Reage a Little Mix!!!

Tarunima Shrivastava says:

You should what the original music video of BLACKPINK Duu duu duu… it it much more beautiful

Zlatilina Kostova says:

You have to react to GOT7 Hard Carry!!!!!!

Kathryn Voges says:

react to kill this love live at coachella!

tamim abedin says:

Please react to BlackPink (Forever Young)

Ashley Lumayag says:

wow you're so cute with your family

Gucci Banana milk says:

"She's in white the other are black"

Me: yEa sure Lisa's top is black..

Anna Tran says:

A beautiful family😍

Tari Patania says:

Jisoo is the lead singer then it's Rosé then Jennie and Lisa or the rappers and singers

Julio Villarreal says:

I bet ALL your family look like super models lol even your mom

소민Ley_ says:

please, react to blackpink rosé solo stage (let it be+you and I+only look at me)
thank you!

허유진 says:

React to Rose's If it is you plzz I'm quite sure you'll love it 🙂


뭐이리 잘생긴노 게이여라…

My Account says:

BTS are so famous that everyone knows them first.

Pepimarkue says:

Just react to EXO “tempo” n u’ll be in a big shook because of their strong voice lol

Drey Derell says:


Drey Derell says:

Please react to morissette amon "never enough" please !! ❤️❤️

유타라 says:

Jennie's in all white because she's the fashion icon in the group

Queen says:

React to NCT U – The 7th Sense

Mabzy Mabz says:

You guys!! I loved this reaction of them.. you should let them watch the music video of this.. I think they’ll appreciate it too.. the grandeur of the MV of this…

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