EXO-CBX (첸백시) 'Hey Mama!' MV

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EXO’s 1st sub-unit, EXO-CBX, which consists of CHEN, BAEKHYUN and XIUMIN from EXO, has released their very first album “Hey Mama!”.
Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music http://smarturl.it/EXO-CBX_HeyMama

EXO-CBX Official

EXO-CBX (첸백시) 'Hey Mama!' MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment


Nomin Zorigt says:

Lets go 100m

YYsabella Xiangail Asakura says:

and baozi owned this exo-cbx era

voz angel says:

60.204.666 Los últimos números :O 
no dejemos A EXO-CBX de lado ahora.


(c muere por oíar a Xiumin Rapiar y a la vez cantar)

Jenkai Rubykim says:

Cbx saranghaja

Jenkai Rubykim says:

Hahaha whenever i watch this i remember chanyeol trying to fit in

Yuna Mark says:

Chen looks so god damn fine

xiumin xiumin kokobop says:

xiubaek: a love story

Clasic Pearl says:

Exo ketinggalan jaman AHAHAHAHH

ตังค์ เมย์ says:

Love chen beak xiu

Jessica Nguyen says:

CHENBAEKXI really remind me of the male versions of SNSD TAETISEO

Jessica Nguyen says:

CHEN is so hawt with glasses and super damn talented. Exo is the best vocal group in their generation. I really don't think no group can beat them when it comes to vocals. They really are successors of TVXQ, SUJU, and SHINEE

Aliza Khan says:

1:13 and 1:23 were the moments when i chosed Baekhyun as my bias

Prisdian Kusuma says:

The best sub unit, voice, rap, so amazing

Giulia Achille says:

this is one of the best sub unit out there

EXO Gucci Gang says:

60M omg . I miss cbx wtf

Mack Loey says:

2:28 wthhh kasperrrrrr?!?!? Dare youuuu and whos beside him?

Danijela Špac says:

Chen is my favorite😍😍

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