[Episode] 1st anniversary – so 4 more

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Marilyn Aracelly Lojano Tepan says:

I love u
2019 ? :"3
Bangtan Boys forever

aiswarya batis says:

What the f*ck eng sub😭😮😮🤟💜💜💜💜

pur ple says:

6th yr nextmonth I LOVE YOU BTS

Kim Hieshii says:

waaah they have subtitle.. how about now HAHA but I am happy to see what they do now.. they are so grown up and successful.. uwu


Que rápido se pasa el tiempo y ellos crecieron mucho 🥰

김유리꽃 says:

ㅠㅠ;;~♡ 넘좋다노래ᆢ남준이의 독백같은ᆢ구절ᆢ
정국 목소리선이 이쁘다 ㅠㅠ;~♡
아름답다ᆢ발라드곡 모두~~♡

Suga's Hope says:

3 times billboard winner…. Time surely flys

FlowerChimChim says:

BTS is such a big hit

Get it?

nochukook says:

me: is waiting for bts world to get released
1 year later
me: 1:08

Langlen Nongmaithem says:

I’m really sorry Bangtan TV because I’m can’t subscribe ur channel 1000 times to win u

Julika says:

I've just watched this and I can't stop crying. Gosh 5 and a half years (2019) after their comeback and they achieved so much

Nurul Fitriana says:

Kim taehyung ayo berteman😂

Reneu Izea says:

it’s sad that some armys doesn’t know about this legendary song

Elizabeth Romero says:

Este video es precioso

C-GUL J. says:

they deserve all the love and success they received, couldn't be more grateful to have them, they are the most beautiful moment in my life 💜😭

Sneha Lama says:

It's been 6 years..it's been motherfather 6 years…😭😭

C-GUL J. says:

I'm here, again ksksksksks

유림 says:

지금 들어도 좋은 띵곡

Cimol Dingin says:

I love this. I love you guys~♡

Cimol Dingin says:

I miss subtitles….

Cha chaw says:

This video made me tear up

Jasmine Lewinsky says:

APRIL 2019? anyone???

Nora Kim says:


btw this popped on my recommendations so randomly istg

lores says:

O 6 aniversário ta chegando 💜

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