DAY6 "What Can I Do(좋은걸 뭐 어떡해)" Teaser Video

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DAY6 "What Can I Do(좋은걸 뭐 어떡해)" Teaser Video

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bambomb G7 says:

Finally he's moved on..he found a new lover weeeee! ❤

chic cool says:


Marvin James Cho says:


So I was pretty underwhelmed with the teasers for August-September MV. For What Can I Do, we only saw our leader Sungjin while for I Loved You we see everyone but with Wonpil having a lot of air time. My theory is the highschool Day6 arc will be retold in 5 MVs with 5 POVs for the EveryDay6 Project. 🙂

What Can I Do (August 2017) – POV of Sungjin

I Loved You (September 2017) – POV of Wonpil

(October-December 2017) – POV of YoungK, Jae and Dowoon
– To Look Forward:
Maybe we'll get to hear more of Young K and Dowoon bromance, Jae's real deal between the coffee shop girl, followup with Wonpil's heartache/letting go, Sungjin's blossoming romance and/or maybe we'll get to hear Dowoon finally sing on his POV MV. 🙂

Nekoo- kun says:

Aah de k me perdii


I'm not a fan of them but this song is really good! I keep repeating it over and over again. I might actually start being a fan of them, who knows.

Yugyeommie GOT7 says:

Is she a JYP trainee?



Nonimanidad 333 says:

Hehe… veo el teaser desp de ver el video y ya todos sabemos de que tratará el prox video, obviamente relacionado cn la cancion… me esta gustando q no bailen!!!

Matthew Walford says:

Nice rhythm, can't wait to hear the full song! ^_^

Emily Lam Su says:

day6 let's save the last bit of summer 😉

Kelly Williams says:

What a refreshing song! Can't stop my heart from fluttering 😶😶😶

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