DAY6 "What Can I Do(좋은걸 뭐 어떡해)" M/V

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DAY6 "What Can I Do(좋은걸 뭐 어떡해)" M/V

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A new era has begun says:

Bruh Wonpil's expressions and chemistry with Sungjin in this mv are insane. Like dude should be an actor

A new era has begun says:

I am such a Jae in this situation.

Taehyung's Lost bag says:

Day6 ❤️❤️❤️

give me all your uwus pls says:

y’all don’t understand how much i love their music🤡🤡

Majgie says:

0:35 that guy looks so much like Han from Skz right there!! Woaaah

Jessica Helena says:

Sungjin 😍😍😍 please do some kdrama

STREAM 데리러 가 Good Evening says:

3:35 the pain

Praise Namjesus says:

new to day6, feeling cute rn, might have to stan 😍

chinotchew says:

so what acting awards have they received for this music video??? their acting skills deserve awards

FBI says:

Wonpil keeps looking at sungjin so he likes wonpil

FBI says:

I get it now at first I got confused but now I get by how they look each other.

kelsey fearn says:

fanfiction om wattpad be like…….

바나나바바나나 says:

연기 다들 왤케 잘해..

linda e says:

okay but why is wonpil so cute

linda e says:

1:20 i am youngk

sparkling ocean says:

Whos the actress name?

bri SVT says:

I really want an mv of 121U that connects to this story line

Hey Aura6 says:

If you are interested in this band, I suggest you to see this video 💕 STAN ART STAN DAY6 💕

meraki says:

What is day6 fandom name

Rosi Maylani says:

i don't know why, but Day6 always make me fallin' love again and again. 2019 here!!

Berlian Maranditya says:

Itzy member?

alexa dcval says:

The end made me flip. Now, it's on repeat

Becca.Ryann says:

2:49 I’m on the FLOOR

cookie_14 jamjam says:

Honestly after listening to their songs. They are so underrated. Now I HAVE to learn their names. Not because im like obsessed with their voices. 😁

Min Suga So cool!!! says:

They are cool visuals, cool singers, a cool band and cool actors!!!!

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