DAY6 "All Alone(혼자야)" M/V

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DAY6 "All Alone(혼자야)" M/V

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omg armyonce says:


Luisa Libron says:

It can be year 2089 and I would still think that Wonpil is gay for Sungjin

اسماء DAY6 says:

I’m with you 💛🌱.

Sella Sonia says:

Finally 3M~

GDTSI MV2 says:

Happy 3M v!ews
Thank You Day6 and My Days

Keep it up guys 🙂

sai lor says:

Almost to 3 million!💙

Michi Nicole says:

Esta canción es re soft 💜

yucky hearts says:

One of the first song I heard from day6…..still hurts me 😶

stream dna says:

So dalla dalla has 101m views and this has 2.9m great

The Aliyah Reyes says:

YOOooo I need a clarification story post on this

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