DAY6 (데이식스) – 'LIKE A FLOWING WIND' (마치 흘러가는 바람처럼 ) Lyrics [Color Coded_Han_Rom_Eng]

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By – Hamtaro Gasa

Translation by pinkychips@ZF

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sameoldxan says:

My fave in this album! You can never get away with their ballads.. Jjiang!

Simothy Meme says:

This song for some reason makes me sad over having to graduate highschool and leave everyone and everything behind because as of right now that's my biggest fear (mostly because I'm in band and I've made a family there). I plan on moving out of America and to a different country for college and to hopefully live there, but a part of me doesn't want to leave because this is my home and everyone I love is here. This song makes me excited for the future but also makes me so sad that it'll all soon be in the past.

ZetsuLovesJunho says:

I was shock may tagalog caption siya 💓 thank you po

Iza Maula says:

maybe you made a mistake, in 2:43 it's Jae's part not Sungjin 🤧

Northern Light says:

Day6's songs like this makes me heartbroken even though I've never been in a relationship…

sian vanderheyden says:

2:44 is jae his part not sungjin's x 🤧💞

Defne Uzun says:

I think Jae sings the last ‘like the flowing wind, forever(machi heulleoganeun baramcheoreom neon yeongwonhi)’ part

Athallia Qatr says:

but it's jae's part not sungjin's…

Jin&Tonic says:

This is the Song I’ve been waiting for ever since Letting Go

Manita S.Ampere says:

I like this song….. Jae voice in the beginning like so hurt !!!

day6 orenjis says:

jae's "yeongwonhi" make me hurt

ελλεν V. says:

whats the song at the end of your vids ?

Farah Nurul says:

the piano in the reff makes the song 100000x sadder IM CRYING

moonyoonchild says:

isn't that one part Jae singing, not Sungjin? after the bridge at 2:41?

Hugo Chin says:

2:42 surely is Jae right?!

Rolando Junio says:

At this point Day6 is making me feel sad and lonely. I don't know if i'm choosing the right decision each day. I like someone who also like me but in the end i choose the one who loved me so much and it really hurts me because i choose him thinking that if i didn't i'll hurt him. I sacrifice my feelings for someone just to make him happy. I don't really know what im going to do rn. 🙁

vaniaocta says:

This song is so sad yet it so beautiful 😭😭😭❤❤❤

千葉博之 says:

I listen to this song and this album like 50 times a day, I'm convinced I'm at least 20k views alone XD it's amazing! Day6 really outdid themselves

Dee Hanna says:

2.42 is Jae, not sungjin

Aziza Via says:

they must make a live version of this song

sweet mint says:

2:40 i think its jae voice not sj.

Strawberries Fools says:

2:42 it's jae's part. Not sungjin

Han Jisung is so cute,protect him at all cost says:

It's like Sungjin and Jae's vocals combined together….it's weird..but beautiful at the same time~♡♡

치워니는주너니 says:

개소름 돋아 ㅠㅠ 사랑해

straykids stay says:

2:43 when you thought its sungjin but back then its jae voice 😂

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