DAY6 (데이식스) – 'EMERGENCY' Lyrics [Color Coded_Han_Rom_Eng]

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Translation by pinkychips@ZF

By – Hamtaro Gasa

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Zaty Farhani says:

Please let me know any mistake 🙂

Rainy Woosung says:

Sounds like a song that would be on a game 👁👁

Olivia Kaye says:

I wanna see them perform this song live so bad jsbdidnd

Jessica Brainard says:

My dumb ass thought they were singing "we eating out, out of control."

rcoor' Gabriel says:

0:54 that cackle tho

junny suzy says:

Idk why I feel like dowoon wrote this song

butterfly wings says:

Feels like this would be a song Jae would make from all our insane comments.

Fimala Naura Maulidia says:

i love wonpil's papapapapa

Kae says:

Stayin Alive who??? I only know EMERGENCY. This is the beat I will be giving compressions to from now on.

Imani _Music says:

Wonpil: papapapa
Literally my heart

Carmen Shyre says:

the fried chicken- I- ok- wHY IS THIS SO FUNNY TO ME?

Angelica Lee says:

That's it. the whole song is about fried chicken.

*mint Yoongi * says:

Umm Jae doesn’t sing this part 2:23 sungjin sings that part but it’s good lyrics tho ☺️

protect skz please says:

this actually slaps i wanna see it live >:3 also young k's VOCALS omg

El taco guapo says:

I love how weird this is :).

Annabel Lee says:

anyone else catch jae laughing at 0:54?

하랑HΔRΔΠG says:

0:030:10 Can you tell me the exact words of this part? And… whose voice is that?

Frisky Blink says:

I want Young K to be my doctor.

ParkChimChimstolemyheart says:

"Even when I see fried chicken, I'm indifferent"- THATS IT I WANNA MEET A BOY WHO CAN MAKE ME GO INDIFFERENT IN FRONT OF FOOD- Oh wait I already have BTS, Got7, Day6 for that cries in fangirl

サブ ;blue says:

me : in the disco, ohyes~

M E L L I E says:

i don't know but this song gives me high school musical vibe

세벽에내린이슬 says:

친구의 추천으로 듣고 갑니다ㅋㅋ
노래가 너무 재미 있네요ㅋㅋ

rabbitsfoot33 says:

this song is making my anxiety worse 0/10 lol

Sara Khalid says:

Some Myday in a distance: plays this peacefully
Me: Breathing intensifies

Ren Coast says:


ItzSquirtle Jk says:

On my first listen of all the songs from this album and I’m actually screaming, I wasn’t expecting this. This whole song is literally day6 responding to me screaming and fangirling alone in my room at 2am

afto3410 afto3410 says:

what is this song about

Zi Tong Loke says:

I can't breathe and laugh so hard after the 'breathe in and out and in and out and out' came out😂😂😂

Kimchi says:

I can imagine JYP dancing in a Music Video with this song 🤣❤️

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