[Dance Practice] 몬스타엑스 (MONSTA X) – Fighter (Part Switch ver.)

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Konton Sei says:

Damn you would believe that jooheon is the main vocal 🙌🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

수영민 says:

0:51 must protect Hyungwon 😂💕

Hélène VRTMN says:

I’m glad Minhyuk and Hyungwon got to do the rap because it makes you realise how little lines they actually have in the song 😭

A. Sirisha says:

"Wait.. Now~" its my new notification tone

TJaom_ JM says:

I want hyungwon in rap line

Keira :} says:

this was highkey confusing but great at the same time

Launi says:

wonhos lisp is so sexy lmao


still cant get over im changkyun's vocal

_namjuice _ says:

I am shocked

개개 says:

원호 ㅡ 셔누
창균 ㅡ 원호
주헌 ㅡ 기현
민혁 ㅡ 주헌
형원 ㅡ 창균
기현 ㅡ 민혁
셔누 ㅡ 형원

Kim L says:

Wow.. there are only two things here. Its either there’s no difference or it has gotten better. Wow. They can srsly do anything!

marry me rosé says:

there’s not ONE thing hyungwon can’t do, change my minddd

이아현 says:

이거 음원 내줬으면 좋겠다ㅜㅜ..

Liz Palmer says:

We stan multi talented kings

لينة T-O says:

1:11 … amazing .. I like his voice .. ^^ !!

Lyty Sreng says:


Mean Swaeg says:


Keyzza Jean Masong says:

Hyungwon made it. Uhh!

Changkyunie Kookang says:

I'm so proud of I.M and Minhyukiieeee

nadira nad says:

yas bitch give hyungwon and minhyuk more lines they deserves it bitch!!!!

Poojita J Gaikwad says:

Can't get enough of this switch version

riskiana maharani says:

I.M cute able

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