[Dance Practice] 몬스타엑스 (MONSTA X) _ 네게만 집착해 (Stuck)

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s.e.d. says:

1:32 so like am i the only one who just… genuinely wants to cry over how talented he is.

1:37 like wth watch how smooth he is i-

thea feodora says:

nobody talk about kihyun and that's honestly so freaking sad. like can't you see how talented he is? and that iconic dance in the chorus tho. he deserves MORE love y'all.

W A N D E R L U S T says:

why is wonho going hard in the dance

Tinker Baek says:

This was my first Monsta X song. I will always be thankful for getting to know them. They are such a talented, hardworking and beautiful group. I wish them the best for everthing.

(Suddenly having an emo episode because I just completed watching No Mercy)

김고래 says:

진짜 ㅁ,쳤네 걍 개쩐다 완벽

Sumeyra Kavaklı says:


saienti says:

i can watch this every second of every hour of every day i cannot deal with the perfection these boys have

Jeni Medina says:

Wow es genial.

Septiani Nur Hidayanti says:

He's so powerful but so smooth too. He's my Prince, Chae Hyungwon

turkish fan says:


Jane's art says:

1:00 lets all look right and not tell Minhyuk

Regina says:

The best song 🤩

Mikaze Jinai says:

Вах! Огонь!

i want strawberries says:

it's 2019 and i still can't believe that they made and danced that insane dance break.


I was starring at Kihyun's legs all the time… Why are they prettier than mine?

IamLey says:

1:48 shownu 저 동작, 은근 멋있고 간지난다. 자꾸 저 부분만 돌려보게 됌

ferowang polii says:


Queen Dragoncake says:

Minhyuk: Hey dad check this out!
Shownu: Please stop…

Brandi Williams says:

Was this one of their harder dances?

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