CRASH BANDICOOT 4 Trailer (2020) HD

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CRASH BANDICOOT 4 Trailer (2020) HD

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FallenAngel says:


Robert Delafuente says:

CRASH BANDICOOT was the original face of PLayStation (memories)

Awesome Drawer says:

0:48 how many times have beaten this clown anyway
Really 3
(Crash noths his head)
Funny seemed liked more

bendy studios says:

Revivio mi infancia

Hunter Parmer says:

It looks amazing. I can’t wait

The Trainiac Channel says:

The end bit when the mask asked "How many times have you beaten this clown anyway?" Then coco simply says three because she don't wanna talk about the other crash games. Makes sense as all of them other then twisanoty was were terrible.

Dark Spyro says:

still waiting for them to announce it for the switch,I hate feeling left out,I've tried to get a ps 4 since 2013 ;-;

Lucola /// says:

Achei mt bonito o grafico, principalmente a parte da lava

Keyblade games says:

Where is Aku Aku???

Marcelo Henrique says:

0:43 Ghitar hero?

Sapphirewingthefurrycritic says:

Crash looks kind of cute. Also I'm pretty sure the new mask is voiced by Richard Horvitz.

Pika Love says:

Is anyone else disappointed this means Crunch isn't canon anymore? I was hoping that game was gonna get a reboot too. I actually really liked Crunch too.

Langston Shannon says:


Matthew McConnell says:

Cash binooka!

Sonic Danilo says:

oh now i get it so my theory is that the original trilogy on the ps1 became the bad games and it ended
with mind over mutand and the n sane trilogy became the great games universe where we now have crash bandicoot 1,2,3 nitro fueled and 4 and crash bandicoot on the run

vMulte tv says:

Ностальжи, русские на месте?

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