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After asking you guys on instagram what you wanted us to make, I got so many request for flautas! Flautas are my absolute favorite! I have never tried making them before and I honestly thought it was going to be pretty easy.. pero I was wrong haha. I showed you guys step by step how we prepare and make them. There were a few fails but at the end, it all came together!! Hope you guys got a good laugh!
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Louie's Life says:

I’m ready to be WIFED UP!!!!💍

Lipen Kikon says:

Just love you Bf😍😍😍

Juan Zamudio says:

How is the baddest perra

Naye Rivera says:

Ur awesome my daughter loves you and now has me watching you!

Lauren Lizarraga says:

I love you!!! You’re freaking glowing over there in that new kitchen!!! Witchyo man and yo floutas!!! Yesss!!! I really love this!!!

Isaaa says:

U should do a video about u and anyone u want to bring sneaking into a water park

Bianca Sanabria says:

I loved this. 💜💜💜

Rudy Mairena says:

I’m loving the Spanglish moments. I love the funny sexual references. 🥴🥰 Me sobbing in the corner single life 😂😭 I love you guys 🥰

Leilyn Urueta says:

do a another Omegle a video

Vasti Valeria Garza says:

Me encanta que hable en inglés y español

chis says:

Chica when are u uploding its pasta. Week

Naylani Gutierrez says:

Me going through louise’s old videos, and me wondering what happened to Rosa

Daze says:

You are the living representation of mexican stereotype

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