Classical Musicians React: AKMU 'Dinosaur'

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For the 5th reaction video of the 2nd year of this series, classical music majors react to AKMU's 'Dinosaur' MV

Watch the original MV (with subs) here:

AKMU's Every Little Thing, Reality, and Will Last Forever are on the to-react list! Other bside songs may be added onto the list later in the year.

p.s. the reactors are up-to-date with chanhyuk's whereabouts :')

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*DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the songs or videos being reacted to in this video. All credits to the companies that own them.

Also, none of us are PROFESSIONAL musicians. So if you come here for a strict breakdown/analysis of the music, you won’t be getting that.This is strictly my conservatory musician friends taking time in their schedule to watch kpop for fun, and throw in any musical comments that come into their mind! Also please do not complain about any "boring" reactions...some of the musicians have blank faces since they are concentrating so deeply on analyzing the music. On top of that, if you think that they aren't commenting enough on the music, it's because nothing is happening IN the music to comment on. It may be "a great song" that they're listening to, but that does not mean there are actual complicated musical things happening that they'd be able to talk about.


Khalda Fujioka says:

Please reaction red flavor by red velvet🙆

Mary Horner says:

Chanhyuk will be back next month!

Winston Zudyk says:

I love your Chanel! Pls do reaction video of Akmu on fantastic collaboration with singer Yang, Hee Eun called Mothers to daughters.

twilight - ten says:

Normally Kevin and Yunyi have my favorite reactions, but I love how Hugo reacts to AKMU.

RunLlama Ran says:

Help support Akdong Musician by subscribing to SUHYUN'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL : MOCHIPEACH

Valentina Javiera says:

IDK sub esp 🙁

Maecy Kim says:

Please react to Scarlet heart ryeo ost, akmu had also a song there…😊

griswaldgirl says:

It has the magic and innocence of childhood combined with the shadows and imagination of a child in trauma. Because young kids who face outside stresses and threats at home don't understand what's going on and so their fears and feeling of danger is expressed in dreams, drawings and pretend play often taking the face of shadowy monsters but kids are still so resilient and life is full of imagination, story and magic that that joy, innocence and lightness is still present when your very young ( until it isn't because the suffering reached breaking levels.)

Mi So Park says:

I dont know why but this song always give me tears

Heidi Huang says:

Y r Akmu sooooo talented can I steal some of their infinite talent?!?

sjdsjh says:

음악을 무슨 분석을 하냐????? 그냥 느끼라고……

김영웅 says:

야로드:마이크로닷 나만 그렇게 느껴지는건가ㅎㅎ

ew why says:

“so uplifting” when the lyrics are about debt money collectors destroying their lives cjdncjdn

akmu grew up very poor and lived in what the song refers to as a “basement villa” which means they lived in the basement of another person’s home with their entire family.
unfortunately akmu became so poor and afraid due to debt money collectors coming in a destroying their home to get their money (the dinosaur that woke them from their sleep), they had to move to mongolia, but couldn’t even afford schooling, so they did not speak the language.

Lolipop12x says:

Can you react to 'Will last forever' by AKMU? Thanks c:

Ariel Dungo says:

Try to make reaction to Hyukoh. This band will never disappoint you 😊😍😇😙🙂

robotinarowboat says:

dinosaur by akmu is truly one of my favorite songs ever. what a masterpiece.

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