CANADIANS REACT TO BTS Performs "ON" at Grand Central Terminal for The Tonight Show w/ JIMMY FALLON

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CANADIANS REACT TO BTS Performs “ON” at Grand Central Terminal for The Tonight Show

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Rice Stop says:

We had a great time reacting to this video thanks for the suggestions guys keep them coming! Make sure to subscribe and turn on the notification bell on so you get instant updates! – Chandan, Louis, Gabriel:) 💜

abi naya says:

Jk love you my bias😍🤗🤗😘😘😘❤

kasu_ka_suka _ku says:

Heloo guys reaction RM with Younha winter flower

dollofvoodoo says:

The "background dancers" are actually the marching band, Blue Devils, from California. They did this video at 4 am. This station is normally not empty.

BTS Fangirl says:

If u wanna react to one take video then react to save me mv bcz they shot it in one take and u can also watch behind the scenes or jacket shooting for save me to see how funny it was to go in one take
Links for both videos in case u wanna watch without wandering

사랑하고픈강냥이 says:

지금두 앞으로두 우리 애둥이들 방탄과 리액션 많이 해주셔요 ㅎ
대단한 한국의 국보급 아티스트 입니다 7년을 한결같이 첨과같은 맘으로 지금두 아미님들과 함께합니다 다른 리액션두 기대할게요^^

Cassiopea Lane says:

If you want to know about BTS, please watch this video.

loz says:

i also agree that this video is the most impressive performance of on. its the only one where they’re dancing AND singing the entire thing (including the dance break) thats also shot in one take. its honestly so easy to forget the level of difficulty that is because they make it look so easy, it’s honestly mesmerising to watch them. great video!

Salsa Andini i says:

Please reaction performance Agnezmo at Billboard Indonesia music awards

Bryan9516 says:

It was live performance. They all sang in there.

Deb Libra says:

It was a live show… they don't split a live show routine. One take.

8sme Carlos says:

Please check out their Carpool karaoke with James Corden!!!💜

Farzana Begum says:

it's not all in 1 take, look at the clock behinnd them

Jerry Smith says:

You guys are the best. Excited for your future because your format and content are super! Continued success!

Purple Heart says:

Thankyou for your genuine reaction…

Purple Heart says:

Please react to BTS Carpool karaoke


Bts try not to laugh reaction please😚

Monic Balita says:

Thank you guys! Pls react to jungkook's My Time😍👍👏

소일소재 TV says:

I enjoyed the video. I like this!
I also reacted to ON, please come watch if you have time!
HaRim`s ON Reaction 🙂
BTS 'ON' 안무영상 리액션도 봐주시고 즐겨주시면 감사하겠습니다~
And… this is how dangerous bts is.. beware before you click..!

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