BTS Reveal Top SECRET Music Video & Take Over 'Carpool Karaoke'!

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The boys of BTS just joined the list of legends who have participated in James Corden’s viral Carpool Karaoke series and it’s honestly the best thing you’ll see all day.

BTS just hopped in the car with James Corden AKA Papa Mochi for a little Carpool Karaoke and this might just be the best Carpool Karaoke TO EVER GRACE OUR PRESENCE.

This wasn’t all on their late night show rounds. They also shut down Grand Central Station for a TOP SECRET music video shoot on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Don’t worry we’ll get to it all right here. But first, let’s talk Carpool Karaoke, because this was ICONIC!

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that's not me fellas says:

lol she's army

Jiddah 7 says:

Bts are so different from other kpop groups, I usually always love one person more than the others but with BTS I love all 7 equally, that's why I became an army only.

Asha Kunjappa says:

This was the best!

L F says:

Love your reporting sister 💜💜💜

classical7 says:

Favorite part?? That's like choosing a bias or pick one favorite song!! I say everything!!! 😭👍💜🎶

Gabryella Silva says:


Aishwarya Reddy says:

Where can I watch the whole vedio

Our Wings BTS says:

“Baby Mochi” & “Papa Mochi” had me in all my feelings that was so cute literally my heart 💜💘😍🥰

pretzkie says:

Can we all appreciate Jin's sense of humor. He is the most funny person in the grp which can make his grp laugh because of his dad jokes, funny expression and savage jokes. 😂😂

Lailatul Nurkaromah says:

LMAO, aka Papa Mochi 🤣

Cary H says:

I like the mochi and papa mochi lol, I would like them to sing justin bieber's Sorry

Cindy Asigo says:

Me waiting to listen the "secrect"

Video ends : so what was the secret XD

1970harleybike says:

Wow times have really changed.. They are not the Beatles. I just don't get it…

sakura heartfilia says:

I can't get enough of those clips either haha

sakura heartfilia says:

EFFING SHOW US KOOK'S HIGH NOTES !!! I kept on expecting a clip of Jungkook's high notes yet here am i waiting for nothing !!! 😭😭💜
Still, thanks for this vid'….i'm gonna watch my baby's high notes by myself, so proud of that little bunny~ 😍😭💜

eloraynnx X says:

I hate how interviewers never ask these type of questions to other artists and just BTS, but I am an ARMY

Exol Foreverrr says:

Let's talk about how YouTube deleted our views🙄🙄😡👊

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