BTS (방탄소년단) – Tomorrow [Color coded Hangul|Rom|Eng lyrics]

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SUGA – pink
JIN – green
J-HOPE – yellow
V – orange
RAP MON – purple
JIMIN – navy blue



01. Miss Right
02. 좋아요 (Slow Jam Remix)
03. Intro Skool Luv Affair
04. 상남자 (Boy In Luv)
05. Skit Soulmate
06. 어디에서 왔는지
07. 하루만
08. Tomorrow
09. BTS Cypher PT.2 Triptych
10. 등골브레이커
11. JUMP
12. Outro Propose

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Eunjin Jung says:

All of their fetus pictures, im about to cry, they are all so cuuuttteee, NUUUUU IM CRYING. 😭😭😭😭 they have grown up well

60spidey says:

crying at this. wow.

Mia Tedrick says:

I love this song so much

oneLoneLyGirL says:

Another one of their masterpieces! <3

I like hamburger AND SPRITE says:

Who is here after bts world
Just me?

justmike Alsbury says:

Anyone remember suga jungkook and v's version of oh happy day and sing it while listening to this


I've watched it many times, but somehow this time it really looks like they're talking really to me. I know lately that my life is very bad, I went to watch everything about BTS and I always cried when I saw it.

Elizabeth Gomez says:

so my headphones were breaking just now and so i paused the video to fix them and i paused it when j-hope says when the dark night passes, a bright morning will come it hit me hard cause i've been so down lately…. it's like it was meant to happen. now i find a bit of relief in my heart, knowing my darkness will pass and i can find that light again.

so y'all if you ever feel sad or depressed or angry or confused just know that tomorrow will come and it's a new day. whether it brings bad or good just know you have another day to fix it. ending your life is worthless trust me. it's not worth it. you think you take away all of your pain but really it hurts everyone around you even more… not even for a second think you aren't worth anyone's time! not even for a second. no one is like you and if you think no one loves you you're wrong, because i love you, army loves you and bts loves you. you don't need the whole world to love you… one person is enough… and if i can be that one person to say "i love you" and to help you then that's what I'm gonna do.

please I'm sick of all of these suicides… you are worth more than anything in this world. you are the only one like you and without you we can read our story properly. You are a part of a huge story and who knows whose life you'll change. I love you a lot and i hope my message got across without being too much… Please there is a tomorrow, you need to know that…

I love you army!! Thanks for helping me just as much as bts!! And i'm sorry about all of this writing I just had to let it go, because it breaks my heart to hear about people killing themselves…

-Elizabeth <3<3<3<3

Sugta Bharati says:

V lines just hit me in my heart and situation i really love this song.. this is really something that i need the most right now.😇😌😢😢😢

nicole chalabi says:

I saw this in my recommended and just cried. I love this song. 🙁

유융 says:

오빠들 사진은 하나같이 다 귀엽네욯ㅎ

_kpop_ Anime says:

I just wanna say "thank you BTS for existing" 🙂❤️💜

Kookie my husband Wow is that a wig says:

I remember when v used to sing with a deep voice like this one and had not a lot of lines

Sophia's Summer Specials says:

What the heck happened to V's voice? Maybe he took too much time practicing Stigma's highnote? XD

Misty G says:

I love the way tae tae’s voice is

Certified ArmLink_ says:

The clip on the first part… where can i find that?🙂

Gummy Noodles says:

From where is the video in the beginning?

love yourself says:

WoW 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

sbfilms says:

still here, someone listening to bts old songs?

Sumi Min says:

Everyone can write lyrics but not as how BTS right their lyrics. This is why BTS is different from the others.

anonymous User says:

I don’t care what you say about how you think BTS is overrated because those people haven’t seen the meaning. Behind the lyrics. They only hear words from 7 Korean boys. Open your eyes and stop judging 😑

Gray Chan says:

May 2019 anyone?

Shyan Yew says:

"Because the dawn right before the sun rises is the darkest" Wow Suga what a philosopher!

P O K I C H U x3 says:

"not today"
literelly me procrastinating xD

a23g13u23std says:

i still cant get over hoseok's photo 😂

남나윤 says:

컨트롤 비트ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

baguem’s kpop says:

The 1# song I always go to whenever I be feeling upset, BTS always brings me back to my feet and reminds me that ima badass

Tasteless Cakes says:

This song is the reason I know how to copy and paste on the computer 😭

Amy Delgado says:

I recently just joined the army and I’m so glad I did. The songs they make are really amazing and inspiring. I listen to them all the time. I have a question though, is there a official Mv for tomorrow?

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