BTS (방탄소년단) – 'THE TRUTH UNTOLD' (Feat. Steve Aoki) Lyrics [Color Coded_Han_Rom_Eng]

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By – Hamtaro Gasa

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AVA AMA says:

if the bts will have 1,000,000 fans one of them will be me, if the bts will have 10,000 fans then i will be there, if the bts will have 1,000 fans then i will be one of them, if the bts will have 1 fan then it will be me, I WILL BE AGAINST THE WHOLE WORLD FOR THEIR PERSONALITY.

Marjan Naghshbandi says:

Jimin: I must hide, because I am ugly

Me: then I’m a clown 🤡

Al Nazira says:

I love This song

ÇÀÍTLÎÑ __ says:

너무 많이

ÇÀÍTLÎÑ __ says:

나는이 노래를 좋아한다

Zahir Ab Aziz says:

I LOVE it i want to cry because hearing this song

Ashley Madrid says:

La canción más hermosa y melancólica. Me encanta. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Angie 1823 says:

gracias a taehyung ya no lloro al oir esta cancion, graciass corazon te amo muchiiiimo 🙂

namjoon withluv says:

i cried bcs that "i still want u" reminds me of my grandma

Faith's World says:

Jimin: I must hide because I'm ugly
Me: Nononono! You are beautiful my little Jiminie😟❤️


but i still want you….

Chiara Pipola says:

Sto piangendo

Lalnunpuii J says:

This song makes me cry….😭😭😭

Student Lyla Garza says:

Did anyone see and love the BTS movie!!!!!

Palesa Samu says:

It's making me cry

babygirl says:

This makes me think of my ex best friend,

and “Best of Me” makes me think of her when she was my best friend.

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