BTS (방탄소년단) – So 4 More [Color coded Han|Rom|Eng lyrics]

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why says:

Why I don't feel suprised when I find a old song of BTS . It is as if in attic of an painter there lies a masterpiece unheard and unkept .

Pechenka N says:

Ahh… It's been already almost 5 years… guys u know ur brilliant now… and then too… Hi from 2019

Bella Arcega says:

It's already 2019 but I still love this song😩💜

Zara Alexa says:

Anyone watching 2019 for nostalgic purposes? Anyone??

Kookie's cookie says:

"IT'S BEEN A MOTHER(CLUCKING) YEAR." WOW, I didn't expect that. Lmao, first time listening to this song. It's amazing.

Christie Jung says:

Come here because ArmyPedia 😁😁

Army Animal Nerd MyDays says:

2019 here back to the forgotten song

marmin shuga says:

Sus voces son increíbles y no se me tranquiliza las voces de ellos en esta canción

Luchtig Broodje says:

everyone talking about namjoon saying mudafcking year while yoongi said fuck it i dont give a shit xD

얍얍 says:

Awwwwwwwww…. I can't get over this.. Do you guys know when this was released??


here in 2018 to say it’s a whole bop, namjoon cursing and yoongi got me feeling some type of way 👀

Indi-Ana Castro says:

RM: "its been a year"
Me: (:
RM: "its been a motherf*cking year!"
Me: chokes

Şevval Keyif says:

Yorum yapan tek Türk ben miyim beğğğ fufjfjfkofoelkfjlğyıgıgoıuk BANGTAN SONYEONDEN SARANGHE , JEONG GUUUUUUUUUUKKKK oppa dicektim ama vazgeçtik ehheheheh YAHH JEON JEONG GUK sen nasıl PONÇİK bir HIRSIZSIN HAA!!?? Kalbimi sonsuza dek sahiplenmeyeceksen geri ver lütfen CYEBAALLL , BANGTAN OPPALARIM SARANGHE sizi gidi ponçikler

뀨 뀨 says:

이노래를 왜 지금알았지…?노래개좋다ㅠ애들의 방황과 갈등 고민과 성찰 많은시련들을 느낄수있는 또하나의 노래구나

가은 says:

이 곡도 겁나 조응 노랜데 젭알 지금이라도 떠라… ㅠㅠㅠㅜㅠㅠ 💙💙💙

heytonyuwantsomemyork ? says:

Iz binna muddafhukin yeeer

BTS 76 t says:

Smile namjon sadece gülümse😁😁

피닉스 says:


taetaesguccii says:

When RM and Suga cursed, I got blessed.

Naw Naw says:


MJ Lazaro says:

omg this sooooong😍💜 I've been playing this song since I'm grade 7, now that im grade 10. omoooo😍 i luv thissss💜💜💜

Mina Thapa says:

Mudafucking you FUCK You fuck you rm i’m not allowed to watch BTS Who swers

승우Tv says:

국이 처음부분 가사 작사 좋아

judy says:

Omg so4more means sophomore pun caught in a lieeee

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