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Gite YT Gamer and Vlogger says:

English laungauge Jennie and Rose

y b a blonk when u can b a blink says:

0:57 she looks so hot and scary at the same time omg😂😂😂😍😍

Danna Rose Reyes Pascual says:

This could be the mma 2019 nest music video this isnt Green screen they actually did this video realistic I dismayed to the choice of mma f*uck up.

Juliana Saad love God says:

Quem ama blackpink who loves blackpink

Ketlen Lara says:

Muito boa a música já assisti mais de 11 vezes

Cintia Carrasco says:

Chacas las. Amoo muchísimo muchísimo

Ann Lavija says:

Blackpink do the best

Ann Lavija says:

Blackpink work so hared

Ann Lavija says:

I like lisa shes so funny and jennie she's me favorite one and rose so jisso you like cute to

Ann Lavija says:

Blackpink are you always goin to be together forever

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