BIGBANG – ‘에라 모르겠다(FXXK IT)’ M/V

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las cosasde pachi rivero says:

Me caeda muy bienbnnn

Oykos says:

I didn't like the song at first but the more I listen the more it gets better

Areli Vazquez says:

I love forever. Mi music favorite in my life. Thanks for your music and your talent.

Tiểu Linh says:

Tháng 6 năm 2019

Marley Mars says:

Gotta admit that is very catchy song. The songs I've listen so far from them has been too aggressive and loud to me. But this one so far seems different than they're use to. I haven't heard all of their music yet. Never heard of BigBang until that Burning Sun Scandal. The band in general are not cup of tea, but I can't deny that they're talented individuals and are indeed one of the best Kpop bands in the industry. Especially that they have been a band for 10 years and still going strong (even in military). That's rare as far as I know in the Kpop industry and in the music industry in general to last this long and still be relevant. As for Seungri, his career is over and I feel sorry for the victims. Does anyone know any other Kpop fandom that has gone through something this rough to this degree?



Pauleen Catada says:

2019?? 😥💕😖

Poker Face says:

Only 16 days until TOP comes back =) Are you ready VIPs???

M Sk says:

I really want new song from Bigbang. Come back fast. If Seungri can't be Bigbang member anymore it's okay he can be president of VIP.

호떡밍김 says:

승리가 부릅니다 '에라 .. 모르겠다 ..'

뱅덕 says:

너무 사랑하다고ㅜ 빨리 돌아와 달라고…

Sung K says:


Linda says:

PLEASE don't make a comeback under YG! Please go find another company. YG doesn't care about his people, he just cut you of if you make a mistake, he can't be trusted. It's all about the money. I can't support YG ent anymore, I am so done with YG

HPure K says:

에라 모르겠다 하고 군대 제대만 기다리는데 자꾸 다른일들로 YG가 엮이니 속상하고 짜증나고 화도 나고 걱정되고….

Jenny Tam says:

Ot4 💗💗💗💗

IAm Milliyanz says:


엔케 레다내가 사랑하는 BTS says:

Bigbang just come in my mind and i miss them so damy much, i wanna get back to the day views don't have metter and we was just enjoying the music #BIGBANG

kpop aşığı says:


Ngoc Anh Bui says:


Ines Gimenez says:

,2019 😔😔

Eminem'ın keçisi says:

İ Miss Big Bang…

Letícia Siqueira says:

BIGB5NG 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

변비걸린푸맨 says:

바람처럼 흩어져사라져보리네~

selena gomez says:

😍 big bang I love you Big Bang 😍

Youarethecauseofmy Mikrokosmos says:

I don't care if they are popular or not, if someone of them did smth wrong…. they will be forever my legends, no one can change my mind

Youarethecauseofmy Mikrokosmos says:

I don't care… they are still my legends

kimberly nguyen says:

i’m so proud to be a VIP !! can’t wait for them to reunite as 4 !! ❤️

Thanh Nguyen says:


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