Airplane Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect – Reaction

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Beasty Reacts says:

After 2,000 years I finally reacted to a new video haha

DarthMaulDude ‘ says:

His eyebrows are a little short because they did an overtime where they shaved there eyebrows

Alec Schmidt says:

The triple loop shot took 9 hours

KK Gaming says:

Beasty you NEED to watch Dude Perfect's Overtime (OT). You would love it.

LaFAYGO ! says:

Ty breathing like that won’t fly nowadays

Patricia McFalls says:

Like your name

Emmitt Filisky says:

I’ve already seen this video but I’m back during COVID. When Ty was like Cody’s got Streep throat people now would be going crazy if anyone said something like that! 😂

Phlanc says:

"I feel like I can run..! But I'm too fat, so I won't."
There are 7 Billion people that agree with you.

Ravenboi 24 says:

In the last overtime video, he spun the wheel of punishment and got his eyebrows shaved.

Sam M28 says:

I thought I was tall and I'm a little under 6 foot…

William Fritsch says:

No toothpick on the plane

KTG says:

Please react to Dude Perfect
Quaritine Sterotypes

sumama ahmed says:

the trickshot is called plane mouther putter

Sondra Covert says:

Watch dude perfect overtime 7 so you know why cory lost his eyebrows.

Ben Menges says:

Has anyone else noticed that he hasn't uploaded in a year

Vivian Mbappé says:

I wish he made more videos

Julian Thingvoll says:

You say dp over reacting but some of these trick shots take like hours

Luca Ursu Ursache says:


Joshua Park says:

The guy who got no eye brows was in a dp show called overtime and he had to shave his eyebrows

Aimria Team says:

Hey got you now what comment and HE will now

farah latif says:

I love you your my favourite youtuber

1k Before 2021 says:

Love the content keep it up ❤️💯

Alucard Viscount says:

Please reaction dude perfect shotgun trick shot

Daniel Suo-Anttila says:

King of laziness hasn't posted in 10 months

Fjuanatas says:

Dude perfect overtime thats why he losts his eyebrows

David dirtbikes says:

Anyone watching this in 2020 because your bored in Quarantine

intergnal verhon says:

5:41 when you scream of pain when the airoplane hits your ding dong

Marlenis Cruz says:

Watch overtime videos he lost the challenge and that was his punishment

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