190326 'Born Again' by Tiffany Young from Lips On Lips Mini Showcase in Seoul

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Date: 2019.03.26
Artist: Tiffany Young
Song: Born Again
Venue: Kaos Hall, Blue Square in Seoul, Korea
Event: Tiffany Young Lips On Lips Mini Showcase


공형사 says:

티파니 가성 좋아💕

Nathalia Brito says:

It sounds so much better without that autotune

Daniel Player says:

Tiffany now force her voice to be more manly, this is strange

bambam It's me says:

I love it💗

Chloe Rodriguez says:


젠츄리챙 says:

She sounds so good live wow i wasn't a big fan of snsd so i didn't know their vocals are capable of this

이초원 says:

Born again👍👍🙋‍♂️👍👍

Jiří Valenta says:

Slap this video on haters of Fany

Jiří Valenta says:

Who says Tiffany can't sing huh?

Jiří Valenta says:

Bless you Fany

Jiří Valenta says:

Her voice is just superb

She looks more confident in US

帕妮 says:

I love you❤️

녹차라떼 [소녀시대] says:

파니야 소녀시대로 어서 컴백해줘 ㅠ
올해는 단콘에 새 앨범에 완전체 힘들겠지만
내년에 꼭 컴백해줄거라 믿어 ♥️

Crystal Wynn says:

SM made TTS for a reason. They were the best voices of GG.

M B says:

I'm speechless…

kady lam says:

amazing Tiffany

Sreymoch Chan says:

So proud of my Tiffany

쌈무_빛 says:

2:30 확실히 매력을 드러내는 음정 폭이 있다는것 하나만으로도 좋은 곡과 도움이있다면 미국에서 성적도 낼 날이 올거라고 생각함… 근데 워낙에 여자솔로가수들이 괴물들이 많으니… 힘내길,

Govindha Zahra says:

She is happy in this moment, but why did i crying 😭😭😭😭

J O says:

I love her voice the most!

texanzfan20 says:


Peter Leung says:

Can we get an acoustic official version? You can really hear her voice here versus the studio version.

krystl jung says:

She's so fake

아이오 says:


ミー子シーオオ says:

Her voice is amazing!

Jbs says:

Honestly…she’s not very good. She adds weird noises in her singing which ruins the sound. Even while in snsd..they keep giving her high notes when she can’t even control her vocals. Only real singers in snsd were taeyeon, Jessica, and seohyun.

Metha Octavia says:

My twins😁😍

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