10 Hidden Details From The Crash Bandicoot 4 Reveal

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Crash is back! Now that the reveal trailer for Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time has dropped, along with some gameplay footage, there are all sorts of easter eggs and hidden details to uncover. So, forgiving the fact Crash Bandicoot is prone to the odd double-jump, we’ve decided to do a trailer breakdown just for you.

VO: Peter Austin (@ThatPeterAustin)
Script: Peter Austin (@ThatPeterAustin)
Video Editor: Peter Austin (@ThatPeterAustin)

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TripleJump says:

A couple of these points have now been expanded upon by Toys For Bob (particularly the "retcon"), which is the nature of the beast with doing breakdowns like this, but there's still so much to discuss. Let us know if there's anything we missed or if there's something you'd love or hate to see in the new game!

Glenn Barry says:

I know all the masks and what they can do one of them I can't wait to use it's gonna be awesome

Mipha's Grapes says:

'Because I have nothing better to do with my evening.' Mood.

Krimson Shogun says:

Gotta love the song 9:06

I am 40 says:

The characters’ design here compared to the NSane Trilogy + Nitro Fueled is just like how the characters’ design in Ben 10 Omniverse is compared to Alien Fōrçé/Ultimate Alien

Agnosis Paradigm says:

The nostalgia.

Zachary Bridwell says:

Great video! Is there anyway you could do one for the PS state of play reveal?

JackiPACi says:

Crash Bandicoot ''4"

cough cortex strikes back cough cough

Jinjojous says:

The grape-like fruit is actually from the original game because instead of just Wumpa (aka. apples according to one of the devs at Naughty Dog) there were also supposed to be other fruits like grapes, pineapples among others

zachary solano says:

triplejump: i hope dingodile makes a return in this game

dingodile is confirmed to be playable in the game and the dingodile diner is confirmed cannon

Bumblebee 2.0 says:

Reminds me of golden wumpa

RockeyDAproductions says:

HAY!, stormy assent was fun!

EnergeticMew69 LastName says:

It opened up my eyes i saw the si-

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