😲 Is Apple Notes Becoming THE Best Note-Taking App For iPadOS14 and iOS14?

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00:00 Intro
00:40 How To Create Quick Notes
01:02 Handwritten Title added to Note Title
01:52 iPadOS14 Widgets section
02:21 Sync your Notes with iPhone
04:40 Stylus for the iPhone coming?
06:13 Other awesome iPadOS 14 Features in Apple Notes
08:07 Outro

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Tom Solid's #PaperlessMovement says:

What do you think about the new features and widget integration of Apple Notes in iPadOS and iOS14?

Alex Wilson says:

I don't know why ِApple can't add colours texts in the note it is so boring note really DEAD note

revdancon says:

Moved back to iOS after using Samsung Note series for some years. The only thing I miss is the stylus ( though I have one on my iPad Pro ). I have been
surprised Apple have not done this yet as it would be a game changer.

SuperJohnnyuk says:

Gret video, well explained and at a great pace,

Dave Os says:

does this work in other languages?

Jorge Alonso Ortiz says:

Apple notes export options suck big time… creates tiny PDFs and not well structured documents… does not allow rotation of text and shape recognition kind of sucks… not that I say these are easy things to do

Sourav Jha says:

The way you say Apple Note, it sounds like Evernote

Erik Fix says:

Bist du Deutscher

Neil Macleay says:

Since IOS 14 my Apple Notes app has become unusable. The lag on typing is unacceptably slow. I’ve had to switch to OneNote.

Ian Troup says:

Before I saw your video I was seriously thinking of going back to a Samsung Galaxy Note as I really missed the stylus on it – this is a game changer!

James Betoney says:

Does anyone have issues with Apple Notes syncing very slow? Or is this normal? For example, document scans from my iPhone take on average, 5-8 minutes to sync to my laptop.

R C says:

Not everyone has an iPad. What about on the iPhone using notes. I think Apple needs to revamp the notes app Using the Apple Pencil & watch

Sagar Ji says:

I have watched so many videos and no one gave a viable solution for how to print

And second doubt if i want to write something in between can i move everything down to create space ??

F H says:

Appel notes is the best note app. I have Good Notes and Notability, and I still find Apple notes (a free note taking app) better.

Lopez Granison says:

U think they should come out with a styles

David Mcqueen says:

I would like to see the notes app have a built in diary with a voice memo feature that would be very useful 🤔😀👍.

Sridhar Vaidyanath says:

Yes a stylus for iPhone would be great

Ahmed Garash says:

Great effort thank u , regarding my point I am having problem to activate converting HR to text

Daniel says:

Yes it is improving, but it aint the best note taking app.

Timmy Fangs says:

1. It would be nice not to have to draw or do other things with my finger that require some level of precision. That's a vote yes for Apple Pencil on iPhone.
2. The screen is awfully small on an iPhone. Honestly, how often do you actually need to perform a task on your iPhone that would require an Apple Pencil? I really can't think of any tasks that I perform that would require this. If I need to draw or handwrite something, I use my iPad and suffer no inconvenience as a result. I would say it's not necessary.

I am loving Apple Notes on iPadOS 14! Honestly, it now does everything I used GoodNotes for and more. Oh, Tom, Apple Notes also has folders for organization. Don't forget the grid view. That helps seeing all the notes you want.

Batu Özdemir says:

things that samsung has already been doing for centuries😄😄

Tina White says:

I thought I could make the perfect shapes (circles, squares and such) in Notes? How do I do that?

Tina White says:

How do I get the black paper and the grid paper?

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