【TVPP】RyeoWook(Super Junior) – I love you , 려욱 – 아이 러브 유 @ King Of Masked Singer

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【TVPP】RyeoWook(Super Junior) - I love you , 려욱 - 아이 러브 유 @ King Of Masked Singer

Super Junior #085: RyeoWook & Shim shin - I love you (The Position) @ King Of Masked Singer 0110

Super Junior : Lee Teuk, HeeChul, KangIn, ShinDong, SungMin, EunHyuk, DongHae, SiWon, RyeoWook, KyuHyun
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andes degu says:


ميرا تشو says:

The man said when wookie oppa sing
Is it yuja?

Eki Miftahul Rahmat says:

Ryewook voice so addicted…

xvilyl hayy says:

Bless by YouTube download button. Now I can listen to him all day longggg

Magali Al Motta says:

Esa voz es única y hermosa.. la reconocería a miles de distancia 😍😘 Wookie..

noar philxaty says:

the beautiful I love you after the original

SHINee's Trash uwu says:

1:00 "isn't she a women?" HAHAHAHA I'M DYING.

Petsme 35 says:

How many people watch "Masked Singers" in Canada?

Purwaningsih Atha says:

Love youuuuuuuuu super junior

Norma B. says:

I'm in love with this duet. Wookie always sorprise me 😍

Patty Galang says:

Why I didn't know that he joined KOMS? I already knew that it was our Wookie from the very 1st line. He is the only Kpop idol who has that voice. The voice that would definitely make you cry.


Jesy B says:

Kim Ryeowook 💕💕😍

eatpraysleep says:

Wish ryeowook oppa come to this show again since he will have a solo comeback soon.. I miss his voice a lot 😢

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